"Garanga kabuko otulo. Nik nik taraassa!"
— Zombite Leader

"The Uninvited" is the tenth episode of Thunderbirds season 1, first broadcast on 2nd December 1965.


Scott and Thunderbird 1 are forced down in the Sahara Desert by three mysterious jet fighters with strange, unfamiliar markings. He and two archaeologists are captured by his attackers - a mysterious race called the Zombites - and taken deep into their hidden base: the legendary Lost Pyramid of Khamandides...


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  • According to the episode's script, the mysterious tribe of people who shot down Thunderbird 1 are known as the Zombites.
  • In 1990, a comic book adaption of the episode revealed that the Zombites shot down Thunderbird 1 so they could copy its design to make fighter planes to wage war on another tribe called the "Nebab".
  • The original title for this episode was Desert of Danger.
  • In the comic book adaptation, the Zombite Leader and Zombite Controller's names are revealed as Khalid and Aziz respectively.
  • It is unclear why Scott flew over the Sahara on his way from Tokyo to Tracy Island, as doing so would have added approximately 10,000 miles to his journey.
  • Wilson was likely named after art assistant Keith Wilson or special effects lighting cameraman Michael Wilson.
  • The archaeologists' jeep is later revamped in The Mighty Atom and Cry Wolf; and used (in both episodes) by The Hood.


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In 1992, several episodes of Thunderbirds were adapted into comic book format for Fleetway's Thunderbirds The Comic series. The Uninvited was the fourth story to undergo this treatment. Written by Alan Fennell and illustrated by Steve Kyte, the 12 page adaptation began in issue #12 and was spread over 3 issues, emulating the presentation of the 1960's TV Century 21 stories.

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Dutch DVD

  • French: Perdus dans le desert
  • German: Das Geheimnis der Pyramide
  • Spanish: El que no fue Invitado; El intruso (DVD)
  • Italian: Attacco nel deserto
  • Dutch: De ongenodigden (TV 1966); Onwelkom bezoek (TV 1991); Ongenode gasten (VHS, DVD); De ongenode gast (DVD)
  • Japanese: ピラミッドの怪