Thunderbird 1 Shot DownEdit

After answering a call-out to a Tokyo fire, where International Rescue’s assistance was not needed, Scott Tracy is returning to Tracy Island when Thunderbird 1 is suddenly attacked by a squadron of unidentified fighters. Crash-landing in the Sahara Desert, Scott hits his head on his craft’s controls and falls unconscious, his radio smashed. Meanwhile, the lead fighter pilot, dressed in exotic attire with a “Z” symbol on his helmet, reports the successful assault in a strange language. On Tracy Island, Gordon plots Scott’s approximate position so that Virgil, Brains and Tin-Tin can set off in Thunderbird 2 with first-aid equipment.

Two archaeologists, Wilson and Lindsey, are returning to base after a fruitless expedition in the desert when they come across the crippled Thunderbird 1. Stopping their all-terrain jeep and trailer, they treat Scott’s injuries until Thunderbird 2 arrives. As the party prepares to camp out for the night, Brains tells the convalescent Scott that he has repaired the radio. Wilson reveals that he and Lindsey were on a mission to find the lost pyramid of Egyptian pharaoh Khamandides until he decided that their efforts were futile. Some people claimed to have seen the pyramid while others believed that it was just a mirage. The International Rescue team head back to Tracy Island in the morning.

Finding The PyramidEdit

Later, Wilson and Lindsey have resumed their return journey, but frustration gets the better of Wilson. Driving too fast, he causes the coupling between their truck and the trailer to snap. The trailer rolls down a ridge and explodes, the men realising too late that it contained almost all their supplies. Lindsey sheepishly admits that he also stowed their radio in the trailer, only for Wilson to discover it practically intact in the sand. However, the internal circuitry is too badly damaged to enable them to call their base. With no water, an ailing radio and only enough fuel to last them 50 more miles, their situation looks hopeless. Wilson suggests that they travel to a waterhole 40 miles north, but their last hopes of survival are dashed when they arrive only to find it bone-dry.

Onboard the Thunderbird 5 space station, Alan Tracy has just relieved John as space monitor. His equipment picks up a distress call from Wilson, but their radio finally dies before he can respond and ask for the explorers’ location. On Tracy Island, Virgil identifies the voice as that of one of the men. Jeff sends out Scott in Thunderbird 1 to come to their assistance.

In the desert, a delirious Lindsey spots a mysterious object on the horizon - none other than the lost pyramid that they originally came to find. Wondering if a nomadic tribe camp might be able to provide water, the men reach the pyramid on their dwindling fuel supply but find the area deserted. While Lindsey deciphers hieroglyphs on the side - telling of Khamandides being “Lord of the Eternal Fountain” - a block lifts up to reveal an entrance to the pyramid. Attracted by the sound of running water and the splendour of the King’s tomb, Wilson and Lindsey fail to notice the door closing behind them. To their horror, they stumble across the skeleton of the pyramid’s last visitor, but their hope is restored when they locate the Eternal Fountain.

Captured By The ZombitesEdit

Meanwhile, Scott has followed vehicle tracks to the side of the pyramid and landed Thunderbird 1. Puzzled at why the explorers’ footprints end at a solid wall, the entrance opens again for Scott, who hears jubilant voices from inside. Wilson and Lindsey have uncovered an enormous treasure cache to make them rich, but when Scott arrives to help, a traumatised Lindsey accuses him of trying to steal his riches. A gunfight between Scott and Lindsey ensues, during which Scott’s communicator is destroyed. Eventually disarmed, Scott is saved by the arrival of two men, also bearing the “Z” logo, who shoot Lindsey’s gun out of his hand, knocking him unconscious. Scott and Wilson, who was stunned by one of Lindsey’s bullets, are ordered at gunpoint to follow their unlikely saviours deeper into the pyramid. On Tracy Island, Jeff is worried about Scott's lack of communication and sends out Virgil and Gordon onboard Thunderbird 2 to investigate.

Onboard a monorail car, the prisoners and their captors travel over a subterranean refinery where Scott and Wilson witness men in gas masks use a highly toxic and explosive gas to refuel fighters identical to those that previously shot down Scott. In a control room, the Zombite leader orders for a salvo of missiles to be fired at Thunderbird 2, which has started to circle the pyramid. However, Wilson punches one of the Zombites to the ground. Scott picks up his gun and shoots at the Zombites, killing several and eventually hitting the control panel. The missiles fire from the side of pyramid but detonate prematurely, missing Thunderbird 2 and alerting Virgil and Gordon to the confusion inside.

Escape And End Of The ZombitesEdit

As one of the Zombites sounds an alarm, Wilson starts the monorail car in the opposite direction as Scott continues to shoot at the enemy through the door. Crossing over the refinery, Scott kills one of the workers, who knocks a lever and unwittingly discharges some of the deadly gas into the room. Realising that an explosion is imminent, Scott urges Wilson to move faster but the car is already running at top speed. Lindsey regains consciousness and Scott tells him that he will soon need to run for his life.

As the surviving Zombites choke to death on the gas, Scott, Wilson and Lindsey reach the terminus and dash through the opening door into the sunlight. Scott orders Virgil, who was planning to land Thunderbird 2 and venture into the pyramid, to get clear of the area as they run towards Thunderbird 1. The last of the Zombites dies and the machinery starts to explode.a dial goes critical and a massive blast rips the structure apart.

A Debt To International RescueEdit

Just as Thunderbird 1 lifts off, Scott reports that the lost pyramid of Khamandides is now lost forever while the explorers reflect on the fact that they are indebted to International Rescue.

Episode GuideEdit

Thunderbird 1 is on the way back to base. Scott had been sent to a potential danger zone in Tokyo, but when he got there, he found out that the emergency services had managed to get the fire under control, and nobody was harmed. Jeff tells him when he gets back he wants him to take Alan up to the space station in Thunderbird 3. Suddenly Scott's craft shakes -he is under attack! 3 fighter jets have appeared.

The pilots of these ships don't speak English, and don't appear to speak any known language. Scott tries some evasive manoeuvres but takes a hit, and Thunderbird 1 ends up crashing into the desert below.

Scott is unconscious and Jeff tries to contact him, but gets no response. Scott eventually wakes up and tries his radio, but the crash has broken it and he can't get through to base. He opens up part of the cockpit to take a look at where he is... ...and sees nothing but desert. The enemy fighters are gone and there seems to be nobody else around. He ends up passing out again. Meanwhile Jeff tells Virgil was has happened, whilst Gordon has pinpointed the area where Scott may be, judging from his previous transmission.

Brains has pod 6 prepped and Virgil gets Thunderbird 2 ready for take off. Tin-Tin wants to go and convinces Jeff to let her, as she says Scott will need all the help he can get if they find him -for all they know he could be badly injured, perhaps critically. Minutes later, Thunderbird 2 takes off, with Virgil, Tin-Tin and Brains inside it.

Back in the desert, a truck is on the move. The driver of it, Wilson, is going fast, so Lindsey tells him to slow down. However Wilson is fed up, he hates the sand and for 15 days they've been in this God-forsaken desert. As far as he cares, the sooner they are out of it, the better. He's fed up with this lousy expedition they've been on. Lindsey then thinks he just saw something, and as they drive past to the other side of a dune, they see Thunderbird 1. They go and take a closer look at it.

Scott wakes up just as they walk up to him, and Lindsey goes back to get their first aid kit. Wilson finds out what happened, but can't believe Scott's story about fighter jets -they've been all through this desert, there is no life in it. Scott asks what the two of them are doing here, and Wilson tells him they are on a expedition to find the lost pyramid of Khamandides. The two are about to treat Scott's wound, but he asks them to call International Rescue first to let them know he is alright. John picks up the call and relays the information to Jeff.

Jeff lets Virgil know the news and gives him the co-ordinates. He lands Thunderbird 2 right next to Thunderbird 1. John asks his father if he has any idea on who those fighter jets belonged to, but he has no idea. When Scott gets back they'll try and find out more from him. Meanwhile the group are not returning to base yet and have instead set up camp. Tin-Tin wonders if those fighter jets will attack again and Scott says he doesn't know, but they'll be better prepared if they do. Wilson says it is this desert, he's had a strange feeling about it ever since they came out to look for this pyramid. Virgil doesn't think there are any pyramids here, but Lindsey explains about the pyramid of Khamandides and how it is meant to be here, somewhere. The next day, at Tracy Island, Scott and the others have returned. Scott thanks them all for getting him back, although those guys in the jeep helped too. He hopes they find that pyramid they are after. Meanwhile, back in the desert, Wilson and Lindsay are heading out, but once again Wilson is driving too fast. Lindsay tells him to slow down but is told to shut up as he can handle it. However, Wilson can't handle it and the trailer they are pulling slides, then breaks away and rolls down a hill.

Lindsey calls Wilson a fool, but the latter is more concerned about getting the trailer back as it has all their supplies on it -gasoline, water and more. They are about to go down to it when it explodes, leaving them with a jeep with only 3 gallons of gasoline left -and their base camp is still 300 miles away. Wilson finds the radio, which had fallen out of the trailer when it rolled. The radio is still in one piece but he can't seem to get it to work, and there is no reply from their base camp.

Meanwhile Thunderbird 3 blasts off from Tracy Island, with Scott and Alan inside it. They soon arrive at Thunderbird 5 and dock with it. Alan tells Scott he'll see him again in a month, and then goes through to where John is waiting. John tells Alan to listen out on a certain wavelength -there are a couple of guys trying to contact their base camp but don't seem to be getting through. Alan checks where the signal is coming from and realises it is from the same desert Scott crashed in earlier. He tells John he'll monitor it.

Meanwhile Wilson and Lindsey have about 50 miles worth of gasoline left and have decided to go to a waterhole 40 miles away. Lindsey keeps trying the radio but gets no reply, and he begins to crack up as he can't stand the heat. Wilson tells him to keep cool as they have arrived at the waterhole, but as they get closer, they realise it has completely dried up -there is no water. Lindsey's mental health continues to get worse, but Wilson says he has an idea, and takes the radio. He tries to contact International Rescue.

Alan picks up their signal and tries to talk to them, but it seems that their radio is only capable of sending out transmissions, and not receiving them. Alan contacts Tracy Island and plays the message he received, and Virgil recognises Wilson's voice. Scott has just arrived back with John, but Jeff tells Scott to take off in Thunderbird 1 and head to the desert, he'll explain why once he is airborne. Soon Thunderbird 1 blasts off.

Back in the desert, Wilson says the radio has finally broken, they'll just have to wait a while to see if International Rescue show up. Lindsey wants water and thinks they won't last another hour out in this heat. But he then looks out into the desert and sees something...he and Wilson both look and they can see a pyramid not far away! It must be the pyramid of Khamandides they were searching for, and they have just enough gas to get to it. They hope that a tribe may be camped near it, who will have water. They drive and reach the pyramid.

However, there is nobody else around. They get out of the jeep and Lindsey reads some hieroglyphs on the side of the pyramid, which states it is a tomb for the great King Khamandides - the God of the Eternal Fountain. Part of the pyramid suddenly opens up, and the two can hear something inside it - running water! They go into the pyramid, but the door shuts behind them. Wilson uses his lighter to give them light whilst Lindsay says he'll feel the walls to try and find a switch or something to open the door. They don't find anything, but they do find a skeleton. Wilson says they'll have to worry about getting out later, and instead goes off to find the water.

Thunderbird 1 has been sent to the location of where the transmission was made to Thunderbird 5, but Scott nobody around. He does find some tyre tracks however and decides to follow them. He soon sees the pyramid and the jeep left outside it, and reports his findings to Tracy Island. Inside the pyramid, Wilson and Lindsey have found the source of the water: it is the fountain mentioned on the hieroglyphs. They drink from it but want to know where the water is coming from, and decide to go deeper into the pyramid. They have have made one of the greatest discoveries of all time!

Scott lands nearby and goes up to the jeep. He reports to his father that Wilson and Lindsay aren't around, and their tracks just come to a stop at one of the pyramid's sides. Just then part of the pyramid opens up, and Scott says he's going in. The door shuts after him, and he tells Jeff that he is trapped inside the pyramid, but he can hear voices not far away. Jeff tells him to check it out and if they don't hear from him within 10 minutes he'll have Thunderbird 2 launched.

Wilson and Lindsey have found what they think must have been King Khamandides' treasure. They also think they are now the richest men on Earth, but Wilson says they still have a problem -they can't get out of here. Lindsey says there has to be a way when Scott shows up. Lindsay thinks that he is here for one reason: to steal their treasure! Scott reminds him that they called him for help, but Lindsey pulls out a gun and shoots Scott's radio.

Wilson says Scott is here to help them and thinks Lindsey is crazy, and his thoughts are confirmed when his friend turns around and takes a shot at him! Scott tries reasoning with Lindsey, but he won't listen and still thinks Scott is here to take his treasure. Scott has no option but to try and blast him out, and starts taking shots back at him.

Lindsey says he'll have to kill him if he wants the treasure, and keeps firing. One of his shots hits part of Scott's gun, causing him to drop it. Lindsey runs forward and gets Scott's weapon before he can retrieve it. He then starts shooting repeatedly at the statue Scott is hiding behind.

He shoots the statue so much he breaks one of the legs to it, and it falls over. Scott has no cover and Lindsey is about to kill him when suddenly, a wall opens up and two other men appear. They are both holding guns, and one shoots at Lindsey, knocking the gun out of his hand and making him collapse. They then beckon to Scott and Wilson to follow them. Meanwhile, Thunderbird 2 has been launched, and is just over an hour away from the pyramid.

Inside the pyramid, Scott, Wilson and Lindsey are being taken somewhere on a monorail system. They realise that underneath the pyramid is a huge base. As they look down below, they see a lot of technology, including three fighter jets that look like the ones that show down Scott earlier. They also see that the people here seem to use some kind of gas to power everything, gas which must be lethal to them as the people using the machines down there are wearing gasmasks.

They are taken to what appears to be some kind of control room, where the leader of the group is waiting. However he has other things to deal with, as one of his men displays a screen showing Thunderbird 2. Scott and Wilson can't understand the language of these people, but they do understand what they are going to do -they are going to destroy Thunderbird 2 by having missiles launched at it!

The guard standing with them is paying attention to the screen, giving Wilson the chance to knock the gun out of his hand and then punch him in the face. Scott gets the gun and starts firing on everyone in the control room. One of his shots hits one of the computers which causes the missiles to malfunction and launch too early, and they collide into each other and explode. Thunderbird 2 was near the explosion, and Gordon says those missiles were too wide of the mark to be intended seriously. He wonders if it was some kind of warning from Scott. Meanwhile Scott has shot one of the new enemies, but the other two in the control room pull out guns and start shooting back.

Wilson gets to the controls of the Monorail car and uses them to move the car out the way it came in. As they head through the hangar, one of the workers down below starts shooting at them. Scott fires back and kills him, but as he falls, his arm pushes a lever down.

This causes a lot of gas to be released, and things start to go wrong. Systems begin to overload and as the monorail car continues, Scott sees that the hangar is being rocked by several explosions. He thinks the whole place is going to go up in one mighty bang, and he needs to warn Virgil to stay away. Just then Lindsey finally wakes up, uncertain on what is going on. Scott just tells him to be ready to run.

The leaked gas enters the control room and causes everyone to choke on it. One of the men falls over onto a control panel, which activates the hidden door of the pyramid. Scott and the others run towards the door, and as they exit the pyramid, they see Thunderbird 2 going in to land nearby.

Scott uses his watch communicator to contact Virgil, and tells him to abort his landing as the entire pyramid is about to go up. Virgil moves away, whilst Scott, Wilson and Lindsey quickly get on board Thunderbird 1 and blast off. Seconds after they move away, the pyramid is rocked with several large explosions from below.

Wilson and Lindsey say they have a lot to thank International Rescue for, and as the pyramid becomes a smouldering ruin, Thunderbirds 1 and 2 fly away.

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