• It doesn't really make any sense that the Zombite symbols on the walls are the mirror opposite of the symbols on their helmets and crafts.
  • As Thunderbird 1 crashes in the desert, Scott is thrown forward and he bangs his chin on TB1'S flight controls. But after TB1 has crashed, Scott is shown with his forehead on the controls.
  • When Tin-Tin stands up near the start of the episode, a human hand can be seen helping her to stand up.

  • Between arriving aboard Thunderbird 3 and climbing into the lift, Alan completely changes his clothes, from a brown suit to the blue checked shirt and beige trousers that he wore in Sun Probe.

  • When Scott returns to the Tracy lounge on the settee, John isn't with him. He has also changed his clothes, from a yellow suit and orange shirt (that he left in) to his usual blue roll-neck sweater, brown trousers and grey checked jacket. From this point onwards, Scott's scar from his injury has also vanished.

  • When Wilson and Lindsey first discover the eternal fountain, the water seems to be flowing upwards.

  • As Thunderbird 1 over flies the pyramid, Scott's hat disappears in one shot.

  • When Scott runs out of the pyramid, his gun, which he lost when he was taken prisoner, is back in its holster, although retrieving it should be the least of his worries.

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