This page is a transcription of The Uninvited

[Episode opens with Thunderbird 1 in horizontal flight mode.]

Scott Tracy: "That's right, father. When I got to the scene of the fire, they'd managed to get it under control, so it seemed best to leave them to it."

Jeff Tracy: "That's right, son. Not too many casualties, I hope?"

Scott Tracy: "No, I don't think so. The Police Controller assured me that it wasn't as bad as first appeared."

Jeff Tracy: "Fine, fine. Well, as soon as you get back, I want you to take Alan up to the satellite. Tin-Tin's packing his bag now."

Scott Tracy: "Will do, father."

[Scott presses a unseen button to his left hand side and hums happily, then shortly after a Zombite Fighter Jet's cannon is heard.]

Scott Tracy: "What the... ?!"

[The scene cuts to a Zombite Fighter Jet's nose cone cannon firing, and then a scene of three Zombite Fighter Jets flying.]

Zombite Flight Leader: "Kambala hu-but! Kambala hu-but! Da-huna!"

[One of the Zombite Fighter Jets flies up.]

[Scott flies Thunderbird 1 upwards in an attempt to lose the Zombite Fighter Jets.]

Zombite Flight Leader: "Kaballa tu-hura! Kaballa tu-hura!"

[Scene cuts to Thunderbird 1 zooming at high speed with the first Zombite Fighter Jet in hot pursuit.]

Scott Tracy: "Base from Thunderbird 1: I'm under attack from three unidentified aircraft. I'm taking evasive action!"

[Scene cuts to Thunderbird 1 swerving around and losing the first fighter jet. Scene cuts to the second of the Zombite Fighter Jet moving forward. Cuts to its cannon firing and it scores a direct hit on Thunderbird 1's back engines. Thunderbird 1 goes into a crash dive.]

Scott Tracy: "I've been hit!"

Jeff Tracy: "Nose up, Scott! Nose up!"

[Camera shots switch between Thunderbird 1 diving and Scott trying to get it back up. At the last second before Thunderbird 1 nose-dives into the Sahara Desert, Scott pulls the nose cone up, but Thunderbird 1 crashes hard, knocking out Scott, and it keeps on sliding until coming to a halt in a sand dune.]

[Title card The Uninvited appears.]

[Scene cuts to one of the Zombite Fighter Jets flying over Thunderbird 1. He shouts an order in Zombite language. The three jets fly away. Scene cuts to Tracy Island Villa Lounge.]

Tin-Tin: "Oh, Mr Tracy, how terrible, what could have happened?"

[Jeff is at the radio console.]

Jeff Tracy: "Thunderbird 1 from base. Thunderbird 1 from base. Repeat: can you hear me?"

[No response.]

Jeff Tracy: "Nothing..."

[Scene cuts to the Sahara Desert. Scott wakes up slowly. He has sustained a nasty gash on his forehead.]

Scott Tracy: "O-ow..."

[Scott reaches for the radio.]

Scott Tracy: "Base, from Thunderbird 1. Base... from Thunderbird 1, come in please..."

[No response.]

Scott Tracy: "Ugh, the radio's smashed, darn it." [Sighing.] "I suppose I'd better take a look outside..."

[Scott gets up from his seat. Scene cuts to the outside of Thunderbird 1. The hatch opens. Scott looks out. He sees nothing but sand and desert.]

Scott Tracy: "No sign of anything. Fine predicament. 5000 miles from base, and the radio's dead." [Feels a sudden sharp pain in his head.] "Ow! This is some crack that I got... I think I'm gonna..." [Camera shots reveal Scott's vision is blurry.] "I think, I'm gonna..."

[Scott passes out. Camera zooms out from Thunderbird 1. Scene cuts to Tracy Island Villa Lounge. Enter Virgil Tracy.]

Virgil Tracy: "I've just spoken to Brains. What's happened, father?"

Jeff Tracy: "It's serious I'm afraid, Virgil. Scott was on his way back from the Tokyo fire when he was surrounded by some unidentified aircraft. It looks as though he's been shot down."

Virgil Tracy: "But the radio. What about the radio?"

Tin-Tin: [Crying.] "Oh, Virgil, it's gone dead, h-he won't answer..."

Gordon Tracy: [reading a map.] "Well, I've plotted his position, father. He can't have gotten far away from his last contact point."

Jeff Tracy: "Right, Virgil. There's not a moment to lose. Off you go."

Virgil Tracy: "Right, father."

[Virgil exits. Cuts to Brains Laboratory.]

Brains: "I heard that Mr Tracy. I-I-I've selected a pod we shall need."

[Scene cuts to Thunderbird 2's hangar. The pod selected is Pod 6. Scene cuts to Tracy Villa lounge. Jeff and Tin-Tin are arguing.]

Jeff Tracy: "No, Tin-Tin, it's out of the question. You can't go. This'll be no trip for you."

Tin-Tin: "But Mr. Tracy, what good reason can there be?"

Jeff Tracy: "Tin-Tin. There's no knowing what Virgil and Brains are gonna find when they get there. We can't ignore the possibility of another attack..."

Tin-Tin: "What they're going to find out there is Scott wounded but, perhaps critically! He's going to need all the attention that International Rescue can give him..."

Jeff Tracy: "All right, Tin-Tin. You'd better get ready. Launching of Thunderbird 2 is in four minutes."

[Scene cuts to the end of Thunderbird 2's runway. Thunderbird 2 blasts off. Scene cuts to cabin interior. Virgil and Tin-Tin are wearing rescue uniforms and Brains is wearing his desert outfit.]

Virgil Tracy: "2500 feet and levelling out, father."

Jeff Tracy: [On radio.] "All right, Virgil, good luck."

[Scene cuts to Tracy Villa Lounge.]

Gordon Tracy: "Some mystery this, father."

Jeff Tracy: "Yes, son, it sure is. I just hope Virgil's not gonna be too late. I just wish I knew what it was made these men shoot Scott down like that..."

Alan Tracy: "Maybe they thought he was some kind of spy and he was gonna..."

[Jeff looks at Scott's portrait, then back at Alan.]

Jeff Tracy: "Oh, excuse me, Alan, I thought I just heard a signal..."

[Alan looks sheepishly away.]

Gordon Tracy: "Gee, I, I wish I could figure what had happened to him. Must be kinda hot out there in that sun..."

Jeff Tracy: "Yeah. And not a single solitary soul within miles..."

[Scene cuts to the Sahara Desert. Scott is still unconscious. Scene then cuts to an area of the desert not far away. A Jeep with a trailer is seen moving at a distance. It contains two occupants: Lindsey and Wilson. Wilson is driving harshly.]

Lindsey: "Slow down, Wilson. You gotta treat this sand with respect."

Wilson: "Respect? I hate the sight of it."

[The Jeep drives over a sand dune.]

Lindsey: "Stop the truck before you kill us!"

Wilson: "Sit tight, Lindsey. We've been 15 days in this godforsaken desert. The sooner we're out of it, the better. I'm fed up to the back teeth with this lousy expedition.

Lindsey: "You wanted to come on the trip..."

Wilson: "I must have been crazy. Now shut up and hang on."

[The Jeep continues on. As they keep moving, Lindsey momentarily sees the front end of Thunderbird 1.]

Lindsey: "Hey Wilson, what was that?"

Wilson: "What was what?"

Lindsey: "I can't see it now. It's gone behind that big sand dune, I guess."

[All that can be seen are lots of sand dunes.]

Wilson: "Heh, I can't see anything. Hey, you must be seeing things. It was a mirage. Yeah, that's right, it was a mirage."

[After driving past a big dune, they both see the rear section of Thunderbird 1. Wilson temporarily stops the Jeep.]

Lindsey: "Now who's seeing things?"

Wilson: "Hey, this might be serious. We better go take a look."

[Wilson starts the Jeep up again and they moves towards Thunderbird 1.]

Wilson: "Hey Lindsey, what about those markings?"

Lindsey: "It's... it's International Rescue. Wilson, It's International Rescue!"

[Scene cuts to rear end of Thunderbird 1's engines. Cue "The Rescue of Ned Cook" theme. The Jeep drives alongside to the front end and comes to a halt.]

Wilson: "Gee, that's some craft, isn't it?"

Lindsey: [Spotting Scott.] "Wilson, look, there's somebody stretched out there, in that hatchway in the side... Hey, he looks like he's in a bad way..."

[Wilson and Lindsey exit the Jeep. Scene cuts to Thunderbird 1. Scott slowly regains consciousness. Some blood has trickled down the left side of his head.]

Scott Tracy: [Groaning.] "My head..."

[Wilson and Lindsey walk over to Thunderbird 1. They see Scott injured.]

Lindsey: "Hey, you're hurt!"

Scott Tracy: "I'll survive..."

Wilson: "Lindsey, get the first aid from the Jeep."

Lindsey: "Right."

[Lindsey walks back to the Jeep.]

Wilson: "What happened then?"

Scott Tracy: "Well, I was, I was on my way home when these three fighters came outta nowhere and forced me down here."

Wilson: "Fighters, did you say? Who could they have been. There's no human life for miles and miles around here. We know, mister, because we've been all over these parts."

Scott Tracy: "Well, what are you fellas doing in this neck of this neck of the woods, anyway?"

Wilson: "We're on a expedition to locate the Lost Pyramid of Khamandides."

[Lindsey returns with the first aid.]

Lindsey: "You mean we were looking for the darn thing until you decided you'd had enough."

Scott Tracy: "Well, I must, I must admit the locals aren't all that friendly."

Wilson: "Something about this part of the desert that gives me the creeps..."

Scott Tracy: "Ahh... ooh..."

Wilson: "Eh, c'mon fella. We're gonna fix you up."

Scott Tracy: "Er, hold it a second. Just do me a small favour first, will ya?"

Wilson: "Sure thing. You just name it."

Scott Tracy: "Er, radio International Rescue, and tell them I'm OK."

Wilson: "Certainly. What's the frequency?"

Scott Tracy: "Well, I-I guess any frequency will do. They'll receive you."

[Scene cuts to Tracy Villa Lounge. John's picture is beeping. Jeff puts on the radio.]

Jeff Tracy: "Go ahead John."

John Tracy: "Father, wonderful news about Scott. He's had a bit of a knock, but apart from that he seems OK."

Jeff Tracy: [Relieved.] "Well... well, I'm sure relieved to hear that. What happened?"

John Tracy: "Well, I haven't got the full story yet father, but it seems he had to make a forced landing."

Jeff Tracy: "Well, you can fill in the details later. Do ya have his position?"

John Tracy: "Yes father. Reference sixty seven-ninety three."

[Scene cuts to Thunderbird 2 cabin.]

Virgil Tracy: "Reference sixty seven-ninety three. OK father, thanks. We're very near that area now."

[Scene intercuts between Thunderbird 2 cabin and Thunderbird 2 in flight.]

Tin-Tin: [Spotting Thunderbird 1 down below.] "Look! There's Thunderbird. And what's that parked beside it?"

Brains: "O-oh, t-that must to belong to those, er, those fellas w-who found him."

Virgil Tracy: "Losing height now."

[Scene cuts to Thunderbird 2 descending. Scene cuts to Wilson and Lindsey looking up at it. Scene then cuts to an open view of Thunderbird 1 and the Jeep then pans over to the right to see Thunderbird 2 activating its thrusters and landing. Scene cuts to Thunderbird 5.]

John Tracy: "What's the latest about Scott, father?"

Jeff Tracy: [On radio.] "Oh, Tin-Tin fixed him up all right"

[Scene cuts to Tracy Villa Lounge.]

Jeff Tracy: "and Brains has repaired the radio. It got smashed during the skirmish with those fighters."

John Tracy: [On screen.] "Got any ideas who they might have been, father?"

Jeff Tracy: "No, John, it's a real mystery. I'm gonna have to report it of course. Maybe Scott will be able to clarify a few points when he gets back."

[Thunderbird 5.]

John Tracy: "I guess he doesn't have to do his spell of satellite relief until he's fit father."

[Tracy Villa Lounge.]

Jeff Tracy: "Well, John, we'll see tomorrow when they get home. Right now they're settling down for the night."

[Scene cuts to Sahara Desert, night time. Two large red tents have been put up. The IR team and the archaeologists are sitting around a camp fire. Scott and Lindsey are in deck chairs opposite to each other, Wilson and Virgil are sitting beside them, respectively. Scott has a bandage round his head. Brains is standing next to Scott. Tin-Tin is finishing clearing up.]

Scott Tracy: "Gee, that apple pie you brought out was good, Tin-Tin. Is there any more?"

Tin-Tin: [Laughing.] "No Scott, you scoffed the lot. Anyway, three helpings is enough. You're supposed to be an invalid, remember?"

Brains: "Er, er, considering the brutality o-of the attack, I-I think you got off quite lightly, Scott. I-I-I er, I checked the radio by the way. It's alright, n-now."

Scott Tracy: "Well, thanks a lot, Brains. If these guys decide to attack tomorrow, I think they'll find us more prepared."

Tin Tin: "Do you think they might attack again, Scott?"

Scott Tracy: "I dunno what to think, Tin-Tin. The whole thing has got me baffled..."

Wilson: [Taking off his sunglasses.] "It's this desert, I tell ya... I've had a strange feeling about it ever since we came out to look for this pyramid."

Virgil Tracy: "Pyramid? I didn't think there were any pyramids in this part of the desert."

Lindsey: [Removing his sunglasses.] "Well, some explorers claimed to have caught sight of the Lost Pyramid of Khamandides. Others say that it was just a mirage, and that they just imagined the whole thing."

Wilson: "The sun in these parts can play funny tricks ya know."

Tin-Tin: "Well gentlemen, it's very late and we have an early start tomorrow. So, let's get settled down for the night."

[Scene transitions to the burnt out camp fire. Then cuts to the inside of the right tent. Tin-Tin is fast asleep. Camera pans over to the second tent. Virgil and Scott are asleep as well. One final shot of the camp fire, now completely sooty, and the open view of the camp site before fading out.]

Part 2

[Scene fades back in to Tracy Villa Lounge. Scott has a plaster on his forehead and certainly is having a splendid welcoming party.]

Grandma: "How about some more of that coconut crumble, Scott?"

Scott Tracy: "Oh, gee, no thanks, Grandma. I just couldn't..."

Tin-Tin: "How do you feel now?"

Alan Tracy: "Say Scott, have you any idea where those fighters might've come from?"

Jeff Tracy: "OK, OK, that's enough questions for the time being. I guess Scott can take it that we're glad he got home safe."

Scott Tracy: "Well, I've got you all to thank for that. And those fellas in the Jeep."

Tin-Tin: "Just imagine them finding you in all that expanse of desert."

Scott Tracy: "I hope they have as much luck in finding their pyramid..."

[Scene cuts to Sahara Desert, daytime. Wilson and Lindsey are back in the Jeep.]

Lindsey: "Well, it was certainly nice to have a change of faces, wasn't it?"

Wilson: "OK, I get your meaning, Lindsey. I'm just as sick of your ugly mug. Don't worry, we'll soon be outta this desert."

Lindsey: [skittish] "Now, look Wilson, cut that out! You're going too fast again!"

Wilson: "Relax. Just you keep your mind on navigation. We're supposed to be looking for a pyramid, remember?"

[Scene cuts to a overhead front shot of the Jeep. Scene cuts to a close up shot of the trailer's clutch, which is beginning to show a strain. The Jeep drives up and over a sand dune.]

Lindsey: "Please, Wilson, slow down."

Wilson: "Quit whining. You'll get sand in ya throat..."

[Wilson continues to drive along a sand dune irrationally. Cue Monorail to Disaster theme. Scene cuts to another close up shot of the trailer's clutch which strains more. Cue Edge of Impact theme. The Jeep starts to slide.]

Lindsey: "We're sliding... pull around!"

Wilson: "Ah, for Pete's sake, shut up!"

[The Jeep continues to slide along the sand dune. The trailer's clutch finally gives and snaps clean off from the Jeep, sending it sliding down the dune. The Jeep comes to an abrupt halt. The trailer crashes at the bottom and flips upside-down.]

Lindsey: "Ya stupid fool! I knew this would happen!"

Wilson: "All our gasoline and water is in that trailer. We gotta get it."

[The trailer explodes in a series of five bangs, throwing smoke and some flaming debris everywhere.]

Lindsey: "Wilson... It's gone... All of it."

Wilson: "Water, gas, food, everything!"

[Wilson makes to get out of the Jeep. The trailer explodes a sixth time.]

Lindsey: "What are we gonna do? We're over three hundred miles from our base camp..."

Wilson: "I know, and only three gallons of juice left in the truck."

Lindsey: "That's not gonna get us far."

Wilson: "We'll just have to radio base for help."

Lindsey: "Why, sure... [Remembering.] Say, we can't. I put the radio on the trailer."

Wilson: "Blast it! Why did ya have to do a fool thing like that!"

Lindsey: [Spotting something.] "Wilson, look!"

[A radio is partially buried in sand just down the dune. Wilson goes to it.]

Wilson: "It's taken a pounding but, it could be OK." [Switched on.] "Base camp Salaar from Wilson. Come in, Salaar. Come in, Salaar. This is Wilson. Do you read me?"[No response.] "What's wrong with it? Come on, baby, start working."

Lindsey: "Haul it up here, we'll take a look."

Wilson: "Some of the sonic wave compensators must have been damaged. I can't get a peep outta it."

Lindsey: "We gotta get through somehow. Whatever happens we're gonna need water, or we'll die..."

[Scene cuts to the side of the Tracy Island luxury pool. Tin-Tin and Gordon are playing in it.]

Tin-Tin: "The water's lovely Virgil! Why don't you join us?"

[Cuts to Virgil reading a book. Tin-Tin throws a ball to him.]

Gordon Tracy: "Yeah! Come on!"

Virgil Tracy: "Later, maybe. I'm gonna play tennis with dad as soon as Alan and Scott have taken off."

[Scene cuts to Tracy Villa Lounge. Scott and Alan are on the transport couch to Thunderbird 3. Jeff checks his watch.]

Jeff Tracy: "OK, Alan, time to relieve John in the space station."

Alan Tracy: "All set, father."

Jeff Tracy: "How about you, Scott? Sure you feel quite fit again?"

Scott Tracy: "A1, father."

Jeff Tracy: "Alright, boys. Away you go."

[Cue "Thunderbirds Are Go!" theme tune. Scott and Alan descend on the couch to a trolley quite a way down. A replica couch replaces the first. The trolley then goes along a track to the left, through a small tunnel before arriving under Thunderbird 3's underside hatch. The couch then ascends into the lounge of Thunderbird 3. Scott and Alan get up.]

Alan Tracy: "Take up launch positions."

[Scene cuts to the lever being lowered. Cuts to Alan entering an elevator and ascending. Cuts to control cabin. Alan exits the lift. A brief shot of Alan and Scott's uniforms swiveling round on a rotating closet before cutting to the outside top view of the Round House. Cuts to the bottom of the hangar. Thunderbird 3 blasts off and climbs into the atmosphere. Scene cuts to the Sahara Desert. The trailer is still burning and billowing black smoke. Wilson is trying desperately on the radio.]

Wilson: "Come in Salaar! Do you read?" [To Lindsey:] "I guess it's no good. Seven compensators are damaged. There's not enough power to reach the next sand dune."

Lindsey: "But I need water."

Wilson: "Oh, for Pete's sake, Lindsey. Quit moaning."

Lindsey: "If only the truck didn't have an air-cooled engine..."

Wilson: "Well, it has. Let's try to think this thing out. We've got enough gas to take this truck around fifty miles. Which way do you want to go?"

Lindsey: "That's a fool question. All ways, there's just sand and more sand."

Wilson: "Yeah, but they have water holes in the desert. And I just found me one. Forty miles, due north."

Lindsey: "Forty miles? Say, we can make it. That's great."

Wilson: "Yeah, let's go. Keep working on that radio."

[Scene cuts to Thunderbird 5. Lindsey's voice is coming from a loudspeaker.]

Lindsey: "Repeat: Come in, Salaar. Do you read me? Base camp Salaar from Lindsey. Oh, what's the use."

[Scene cuts to Thunderbird 3 approaching Thunderbird 5 and docking; then cuts back to control room.]

Scott Tracy: [through loudspeaker] "Thunderbird 3 to Space Station. Ready for boarding-tube."

John Tracy: [into microphone] "F.A.B."

[Scene cuts to Thunderbird 3 docking with Thunderbird 5 and then to Thunderbird 3's control room. Scott is at the control desk and Alan is standing by the airlock door, which opens. He turns to Scott]

Alan Tracy: "See you in a month, Scott."

Scott Tracy: "Sure thing, Alan. Good luck." [The airlock door closes behind Alan. Scene cuts to Thunderbird 5. John has packed his things and looks round at the other airlock. It opens and Alan enters.]

John Tracy: "Hi Alan. Hey, it'll be good to get back home."

Alan Tracy: "Yeah. Anything that needs watching?"

John Tracy: "Keep listening to band 794, least of beam 72. It's very faint, I figure someone's in trouble but I'm not sure."

Alan Tracy: "Band 794... That's the Sahara area."

John Tracy: "I was figuring maybe it was the two archaeologists who found Scott. They've been trying to reach their base camp."

Alan Tracy: "OK, John. I'll keep watch. See ya."

[John exits through the airlock. Alan turns to the control console. He hears Lindsey's voice.]

Lindsey [O.C.]: "Base camp Salaar from Lindsey. Come in Salaar. Do you read me?"

Alan Tracy: "Band 794 again and still no answer. I wonder what's happening down there..."

[Scene cuts to Sahara Desert. The Jeep is still continuing on.]

Lindsey: "It's no good, they don't answer. This heat... It's unbearable. I'll go crazy!"

Wilson: "Take it easy, will ya? Say, look out there! You see what I see?"

[Scene cuts to a long shot of what look like palm trees.]

Lindsey: "The waterhole... You found it! By Jingo, Wilson, you found it!"

[The Jeep speeds towards the waterhole.]

Lindsey: "I'm gonna drink that waterhole dry."

Wilson: "Ha, ha, ha! Save some for me, will ya?!"

[They get closer to it.]

Wilson: "Lindsey, take a look at that dab blaned hole. Take a good, long, hard, gul-darn look!"

Lindsey: "Why what's wrong? I can't see anything strange. Just, palm trees and... and..."

[Once they arrive, they find that the waterhole is dried up.]

Wilson: "Nothing."

Lindsey: "No, no it can't be! There's gotta be water! We'll die! Wilson you gotta do something. We can't just give up, I'll go crazy!"

Wilson: "Look, Lindsey, you're gonna be OK. Now let's try that radio again, it's our only chance."

Lindsey: "But base don't answer!"

Wilson [O.C.]: "Then we'll try to reach someone else."

Lindsey: "Who? We're hundreds of miles from anyone!"

Wilson: "I've got a crazy idea in my head. Maybe it'll work, maybe it won't."

Lindsey: "What diya mean? What are you gonna do?"

Wilson [Putting on the headphones.]: "I'm gonna call up International Rescue. You remember what Tracy said? If we were ever in trouble, he'd be more than pleased to help us out."

Lindsey: "OK then. Go ahead. We've got nothing to lose."

[Scene cuts to Thunderbird 5.]

Wilson [On monitor]: "International Rescue. Come in please. Can you help us? We need water... dying..."

Alan Tracy [Into radio microphone.]: "International Rescue receiving you. What is your position?"

Wilson Tracy [On monitor}: [Faintly.] "Come in please, International Rescue..."

Alan Tracy [Into radio microphone]: "This is International Rescue. Can you hear me? ... Do you read me? Come in, please."

[Scene cuts to Thunderbird 3 descending to its hangar. Once it has been covered up by the Round House, the scene fades out.]

Part 3

[Scene fades back into Tracy Villa Lounge. Virgil is reading a book as Alan's portrait beeps. Jeff opens up connection.]

Jeff Tracy: "Go ahead, Alan."

Alan Tracy [On screen]: "Father, I've just received a distress call from the Sahara Desert, direct to International Rescue. I think it was from those two guys who helped Scott after he was shot down."

[Cuts to Jeff.]

Jeff Tracy: "Didn't they say who they were?"

Alan Tracy [On screen]: "No, father. The call was very faint. They kept saying they were dying of thirst and then the call faded out."

[Cut's to Virgil.]

Virgil Tracy: "Can you play back the message? Maybe I can recognize the voice."

[Cuts to Alan.]

Alan Tracy [On screen.] "Sure thing. Coming up."

[Playback begins.]

Wilson [O.C.]: "Calling International Rescue." [Jeff takes off his glasses and looks down thoughtfully. Cuts to Virgil.] "Come in please. Do you read me, International Rescue? Can you help us?"

Virgil Tracy: "That's the guy alright!"

[Scott ascends on the couch in the centre of the Lounge.]

Jeff Tracy: "Ah, there you are Scott. You're just the person I wanted to see. Get down to Thunderbird 1 and standby for launching, will you? One good turn deserves another."

Scott Tracy: [Rising from couch.] "Well, how do ya mean, father?"

Jeff Tracy: "Oh never mind Scott. I'll tell you all about it when you're on your way."

Scott Tracy: " Yes, sir."

[Cue "Thunderbirds Are Go!" theme. Scott walks over to the Thunderbird 1 entry portrait and swivels round it. He then boards the gantry leading to Thunderbird 1. Scene cuts to exterior overshot of the swimming pool which starts receding. Cuts to Thunderbird 1 travelling down. Cuts to Scott pushing both levers forward. Cuts to swimming pool fully reclined. Cuts to Thunderbird 1 blasting off and gaining height.]

[Tracy Villa Lounge.]

Tin-Tin: "There he goes."

Jeff Tracy: "Well, Tin-Tin, I only hope he can get there in time. When a man is in the middle of the desert without water he can be pretty desperate..."

[Scene cuts to desert waterhole. Wilson has stopped using the radio.]

Wilson: "The radio finally gave out..."

Lindsey: "Do you think we got through to International Rescue?"

Wilson: "I dunno. We'll have to wait and see."

Lindsey: "You don't seem to realise, we're dying of thirst. At this heat and exposure, we'll be lucky if we last out for another hour..." [Spots something far away, oddly distorted.] "Wilson, what's that over there? On the horizon?"

Wilson: "Can't see anything." [Cuts to show sand dune after the next after the next.] [O.C.] "Only sand and desert..."

Lindsey: "No. Look, man! Over there!"

[Wilson looks straight ahead. There not so far away, is the Lost Pyramid of Khamandides.]

Wilson: "Holy smoke... We found it, boy! We found it!"

Lindsey: "Yeah. It's what we've come all this way to see. The Lost Pyramid of Khamandides."

Wilson: "We've got just enough gas to reach it. Hey, there might be some nomad tribe campfire, with water!"

Lindsey: "Well what are we waiting for then? Let's go!"

[Wilson starts the Jeep. Cue Desperate Intruder Exploration theme. The Jeep trundles onwards.]

Lindsey: "Will we have enough gas?"

Wilson: "Yeah, just about. Not far to go now."

[The Jeep continues forward until it arrives at the Pyramid.]

Lindsey: "It's fantastic!"

Wilson: "Yeah. It's deserted. Guess finding anyone else in this lousy desert was too much to hope for..." [They exit the Jeep.] "You can read hieroglyphics, Lindsey. What does it say?"

[Cue The Hood's theme.]

Lindsey [Reading the hieroglyphics]: "'This is the great Tomb of King Khamandides, the God of the Eternal Fountain.' The Egyptians thought of their kings as gods."

Wilson: "Yeah, I know. But the Eternal Fountain bit. Heh. That's a laugh. Guess it's run dry."

Lindsey [Examining the Pyramid surface.]: "I can't see any door, Wilson."[Slowly, a section of the rock slides inwards behind him.] "This place is probably solid rock."

Wilson: "Well, there's your door."

[They approach it.]

Lindsey: "Well how did it open?" [They hear something.] "Say listen. Do you hear that?"

Wilson: "Yeah. Water! Come on! What're we waiting for?"

[The enter the Pyramid. The entrance has a couple of statues depicting past Egyptian Pharaohs and several large tombs emblazoned with ancient hieroglyphics.]

Lindsey: "They're magnificent!"

Wilson: "Yeah and so is the sound of that water. Come on." [The door suddenly closes behind them.] "Hey what's that? Lindsey, the door!"

Lindsey: "There must some way of opening it. Feel around the walls." [Spots something.] "Wilson, use your lighter! Over here!"

[Wilson flicks on his lighter. Lindsey has found the skeleton of somebody else.]

Lindsey: "You don't think-"

Wilson: "It looks that way. This guy tried to open the door too. He never made it."

Lindsey: "Well, what're we gonna do? We're trapped."

Wilson: "I know what I'm gonna do. Find that water!"

[Scene cuts to Sahara Desert. Thunderbird 1 has arrived at the water hole. Cuts to cockpit]

Scott Tracy: "International Rescue from Thunderbird 1. Danger zone: negative. The water hole's been dry for months."

Jeff Tracy [On radio.]: "Any signs of life, Scott?"

Scott Tracy: "Well, there are some Jeep tracks heading north. I'm gonna follow them."

Jeff Tracy [On radio.]: "F.A.B, Scott. Keep in touch."

[Scott pushes the right lever and swerves the craft round and heads north. Scene cuts to Pyramid interior.]

Lindsey: "Maybe there are other people here."

Wilson [Shouting.]: "Hello? Anyone there? Hello?"

Lindsey: "Not a sound... Only that splashing water..."

[They then find the source of the water, in a fountain.]

Wilson: [O.C] "There it is!"

Lindsey: [O.C.] "The Eternal Fountain!"

[Cue "Desert Discovery" theme. Scene fades out.]

Part 4

[Scene fades back in to see Thunderbird 1 flying through the air. Cuts to window exterior. Scott has his frown expression on as he looks down. He spots the Pyramid, and the Jeep.]

[Thunderbird 1 cockpit.]

Scott Tracy: "International Rescue from Thunderbird 1: I've found the Jeep, but get this: it's abandoned outside a pyramid!"

Jeff Tracy [On radio.] "Are you sure you have the correct location, Scott?"

Scott Tracy: "Yeah, I know it sounds crazy but it's a pyramid! I'm going down to take a look."

[Scene cuts to the Jeep, then pans over to see Thunderbird 1 landing. Scene cuts to Eternal Fountain chamber. Wilson and Lindsey are drinking the water.]

Lindsey: "I've never tasted water like it. So sweet, and cool..."

Wilson: "Yeah but how does it get here? What is this place?"

Lindsey: "Let's go deeper. We could have made the archaeological discovery of the age."

Wilson: "Say, the Egyptians buried their kings with fantastic treasures. Maybe we'll find some and it'll make this trip worth our while."

[Scene cuts to outside the Pyramid.]

Scott Tracy: "I don't figure this." [Into radio microphone.] "The prints just end at a blank wall. There's no entrance, anywhere!"

[Suddenly the same rock slab mysteriously opens inwards again. Cue ominous theme.]

Scott Tracy: "Hey, a doorway just opened up. I'm going in."

Jeff Tracy [On radio.]: "F.A.B. Scott, but be careful."

[Scott enters the Pyramid. Scene cuts to the surface of a tomb with hieroglyphics on then pans round to a statue. As Scott looks round, the door closes behind him.]

Scott Tracy [O.C.]: "Hey, the door!"

[As soon as it closes, Scott hears distant voices.]

Wilson [O.C.]: "Lindsey, look."

Lindsey [O.C.]: "I don't believe it! Mountains of treasure!"

Scott Tracy: "International Rescue Headquarters from Scott Tracy. The entrance has closed. I'm trapped. But I can hear voices."

Jeff Tracy [On radio.]: "F.A.B. Scott. Check that place out."

[Tracy Villa Lounge.]

Jeff Tracy: "If we don't hear from you within ten minutes, I'll get Thunderbird 2 out there. Watch your step."


Scott Tracy: "OK, dad."

[Scott walks further on. Scene cuts to treasure chamber. Wilson and Lindsey have just discovered some very fabulous looking treasures.]

Lindsey: "We're rich, Wilson! The richest men alive!"

Wilson: "Yeah! Yeah! We could buy the world! ... Say, we've forgotten something. We're trapped in here. We couldn't open that entrance door."

Lindsey: "We can't be... We're too rich, to be trapped..."

[Camera pans over to the top of the stairs where Scott is standing.]

Scott Tracy: "Oh, hi there. International Rescue at your service."

Lindsey: "You can't fool me. You've come to steal our treasure." [Pulls out a gun.]

Scott Tracy: [Raising a hand as gesture of assurance] "Now hold on, you called us for help and that's why I'm here."

[Lindsey shoots at Scott's radio microphone.]

Wilson: [Angry] "What did ya shoot at him for?! He's come to rescue us!"

Lindsey: "No! He only wants the treasure!"

Wilson: "You're crazy!"

[Lindsey aims at Wilson. He takes cover just as Lindsey shoots but misses.]

Scott Tracy: [behind one of the statues] "Don't be a fool. Throw down your gun. You need help."

Lindsey: [Crouched behind one of the treasures.] "You're the one who needs help. You're gonna die!"

Scott Tracy: "You've been through a tough time Lindsey. Come on. I'll get you to a hospital."

Lindsey: "Then you'll be able to get my treasure, won't ya?"

[Lindsey fires at Scott again, but misses. Scott has his frown expression on.]

Scott Tracy: "OK, if that's the way you want it, I guess I'll just have to blast you out!"

[Cue "End of the Road" danger theme. Scott moves behind the statue to the other side, pulls out his own gun and fires at Lindsey, hitting the piece of treasure in front of him. He then runs for cover behind another statue as Lindsey fires twice but misses. Scott fires again, blasting away another piece of treasure in front of Lindsey.]

Lindsey: "You'll have to kill me before I let you have my treasure!"

[Lindsey fires again and knocks away Scott's gun, letting it fall down the stairs. Scott takes cover behind the previous statue as Lindsey takes his gun.]

Lindsey: "Ha ha! Now I have you Mister Clever Tracy!"

[He fires two shots, narrowly missing Scott's feet and hitting the statue's ankles.]

Lindsey: "Come on out, you can't escape!"

[He fires another two shots, hitting the statues feet again.]

Lindsey: "You can't hide behind there, Tracy!"

[Bang! The statues feet are struck again.]

Lindsey: "You know you're gonna die, don't you?"

[Bang! Bang! Scene cuts to the top of the statue which shows it shaken around slightly. Scene alternates between the statue shaking and Scott taking cover. Lindsey fires another seven times before laughing maniacally as the statue creaks then tips over and crashes, leaving Scott with no more cover.]

Lindsey: "There's no more protection Tracy! Now you will die!" [Points gun at him, laughs insanely.]

[Scene cuts to show a door suddenly sliding aside, revealing two men with closely shaven blue hair dressed in Ancient Egyptian garb and both of them armed. Scott and Lindsey look over in their direction. One of them fires at Lindsey, knocking away his gun and knocking him out. They then turn their weapons on Scott, and as Scott looks at them, he sees the zZ symbol on their headbands. The men are Zombites.]

Zombite Guard: "Fakala shada! Cuma!"

Scott Tracy: "Well I dunno who you are, buddy, but-"

Wilson: "Looks like they want us to go with em, Scott..." [Stands up.] "Ah, don't worry. I was only stunned when I fell."

Scott Tracy: "Well you certainly fooled me..."

Zombite Guard: "Fakala shada! Cuma!"

[Both the guards beckon behind them.]

Wilson: "I guess we'd better do as they say."

[So Wilson and Scott have no choice but to follow the Zombite guards and be taken prisoner. Scene cuts to Thunderbird 2. Virgil and Gordon are on the way.]

Virgil Tracy: "OK, father, we're on our way. I calculate we'll reach the pyramid in 1.4 hours from now."

Jeff Tracy [On radio]: "Alright Virgil. Good luck."

[Tracy Villa Lounge.]

Jeff Tracy: "And take care when you're crossing that desert. International Rescue is depending on you."

Virgil Tracy [On radio] "Yes, father."

[Cue Desperate Intruder Exploration theme. Scene cuts to the inner sanctum of the Pyramid, which turns out to be like a miniature city. A monorail is travelling along a line, and below some tankers are billowing clouds of gas. One of the Zombite guards is manning the monorail wheel. The other is holding his gun at Scott and Wilson some feet away. Lindsey is lying on the couch, unconscious.]

Wilson: "Gee. I figure we must be in the bowels of the earth! Where are they taking us now?"

[Scene briefly cuts away from them to show masses of machinery and long lines of pipes criss-crossing the floor before cutting back again.]

Scott Tracy: "If you think, this is why these guys get their fuel and power... Like some kind of mineral that gives a highly explosive gas."

Wilson: "Yeah! And highly lethal, too." [Pointing.] "Take a look at that joker in the gas mask."

[Scene briefly cuts to show a Zombite Worker down below, wearing a gas mask.]

Scott Tracy: "He's tanking up those fighter's under there." [Scene cuts to show a trio of the Fighter Jets that took down Thunderbird 1 the previous day.] [O.C.] "And they look like the craft that shot me down the other day..." [Cuts back to Scott.] "I wonder what they're gonna do with us..."

[Scene cuts to an overhead shot of the monorail. A tanker below gives off gas seven times before cutting to a side shot of the monorail. As it approaches a hatch, it opens, allowing it to pass through. Scene cuts to Thunderbird 2.]

Virgil Tracy: "I've started to cross the Sahara now, father."

[Tracy Villa Lounge.]

Virgil Tracy: [On screen.] "No sign of any trouble as yet. Has there been any contact with Scott?"

Jeff Tracy: "Not a word. We keep trying to get through, but he just doesn't answer." [to self] "I wonder what's going on in that pyramid..."

[Scene cuts to the innermost Zombite chamber. The Zombite Leader, dressed in black Egyptian garb and with red hair instead of blue is addressing one of the guards who captured Scott, Wilson and Lindsey.]

Zombite Leader: "Garanga kabuko otulo. Nik nik tarassa!"

Zombite Guard: "Hanna pulo winust un la plundo."

Zombite Leader: "Get tun alkala!"

Zombite Controller: "Ha pallasendan kolla tura!"

Zombite Leader [Pointing]: "Min nelar ni!"

[The Zombite Controller presses a switch. The Leader looks at the screen showing Thunderbird 2 in flight.]

Scott Tracy: "It's Virgil!"

Wilson "Yeah. Your buddies must have come to look for us."

Zombite Leader: [To Controller.] "Garangar hassup polluto! Hot tub pub polluto!"

Zombite Controller: [into radio microphone] "Garangar hassan bobodu."

[The Zombite Controller presses another switch. Scene cuts to show three missiles being lowered on a pulley onto a chute on screen.]

Wilson: "They're gonna attack, Tracy. We gotta warn him."

Scott Tracy: "Right. Now this is what we're gonna do..."

Zombite Leader: "Karuko sumbarust unquiten!"

[The Zombite Controller presses another button. Cue "The Voyage of Ocean Pioneer I" theme. The missiles are sent up the chute. Scene cuts to pyramid exterior. A large section of the Pyramid reclines inwards and the missiles take the space.]

Zombite Leader: "Ump up! Ump up!"

[Cuts to show the missiles being raised a little. Cuts back to chamber.]

Zombite Leader: "Ump up!"

[Camera pans over to the Zombite Controller pressing another button. Cuts to show the missiles raised again. Cuts to monorail. Scott and Wilson continue to watch.]

Zombite Leader [O.C.]: "Ump up!"

[The missiles are raised at the optimum height. Cuts to chamber.]

Zombite Leader [Raising his fist]: "Gorda!"

[Cuts to monorail. Wilson looks round slowly at the other guard, who raises his gun. Wilson knocks it out of his hand and tackles him down. Scott grabs the gun and fires at one of the Zombites, killing him. He then fires at the Zombite Controller's console. Lights start flashing.]

Zombite Controller: "Fegura kargo!"

[The missiles are fired. They prematurely explode just seconds after Thunderbird 2 flies through the smoke.]

Virgil Tracy: "We're under fire!"

[Thunderbird 2 turns around.]

Gordon Tracy: "I think those missiles were too wide of the mark to be intended seriously."

Virgil Tracy: "Yeah; it was like kind of a warning."

Gordon Tracy: "Hey! Could it have been Scott?"

[Pyramid. The Zombite Controller and Leader both fire a shot at Scott and Wilson.]

Scott Tracy: "Quick! Start the car!"

[Wilson slowly gets up to move to the monorail wheel. The Zombite Controller presses an alarm button, and an alarm sounds throughout the Pyramid. A Zombite from behind a pillar fires at Scott but misses. Scott and the Zombite Controller/Leader exchange fire but are unsuccessful as the monorail pulls out of the chamber. Scene cuts to Pyramid refinery. The hatch from before opens again as the monorail passes through and the hatch closes. Scott opens the door ajar and looks down. The Zombite Worker from before takes a shot andf misses but Scott fires and wounds him, causing the Worker to fall down, his arm catching a lever and pulling it. A large stream of gas comes billowing out from the surrounding pipeline.]

Wilson: "W-what's going on?"

Scott Tracy: "Keep going, Wilson! They're not gonna stop us now!"

[Cue Edge of Impact theme. The ensuing gas has begun a self-destruct sequence shown on a meter where a white line begins to fill the timer. As it does, a piece of pipe down below explodes. More pieces of machinery blow up as the monorail passes over them.]

Wilson: "Something's happening."

Scott Tracy: "It's the pressure in these fuelling pipes. The gas is escaping. I'm glad we've got this glass protecting us from the fumes."

[Cue World Exclusive Foiled! theme. The timer has reached a quarter of the way through. Toxic fumes from the fuelling pipes accumulates inside the refinery.]

Scott Tracy: "Wilson, can't you get any more speed? This gas is everywhere. This place is gonna go up at any moment!"

Wilson: "No good, Tracy. This is maximum."

[The fuelling assembly for the Fighter Jets down below begins to explode, through clouds of smoke and gas everywhere.]

Scott Tracy: "If this place blows, it's gonna go up with one mighty big bang. We've got to warn Virgil to stay clear."

[Scene cuts back to Thunderbird 2.]

Virgil Tracy: "What's going on in that pyramid? First, there's a whole salvo of rockets, and then nothing."

Gordon Tracy: "I don't get it. Scott must need our help. We can't just hang around here. Let's go down and investigate."

Virgil Tracy: [to radio] "Father, we're going down to take a look."

[Thunderbird 2 descends into the clouds. Scene cuts to Pyramid.]

Zombite Leader: "Galaba hil-merab Thunderbird! Galaba hil-merab Thunderbird!"

[The Leader suddenly gasps and begins to suffocate from the lethal gas. The fuelling assembly explodes some more. The monorail approaches the entrance hatch, it opens allowing it to pass through. Lindsey then slowly wakes up, slightly drowsy and no longer mad.]

Lindsey: [Confused] "Where... where am I? What's going on?"

Scott Tracy: "You've wakened not a moment too soon, Lindsey. In a couple of minutes, you're gonna have to run for your life like you've never run before. Right, stand by."

[Scene cuts to innermost Pyramid chamber. The Leader is dead and other Zombites are nearly suffocated too. Camera pans over to the Controller, who has a hand clasped to his throat and gradually falls down, his hand catching a button and pressing it. Cuts to Pyramid exterior. The slab door from before reclines.]

Scott Tracy: [O.C.] "Hurry it up, fellas. Let's get out of here!"

[Scott, Wilson and Lindsey run onto view as they make speed to the exit. Scene cuts to outside as Thunderbird 2 arrives at the perimeter of the Pyramid. Scott, Wilson and Lindsey make it outside.]

Scott Tracy: "Thunderbird 2 from Scott Tracy. Calling Thunderbird 2 from Scott Tracy."

Gordon Tracy: "Hold it, Virgil. It's Scott!"

Virgil Tracy: "Go ahead, Scott. We're coming in to land right now."

Scott Tracy: "No, Virgil! Keep away! Regain height and keep away from the pyramid! It's gonna go up at any moment."

[Thunderbird 2.]

Virgil Tracy: "But, but Scott! Are you all right?"

[Pyramid entrance.]

Scott Tracy: "Don't ask questions! Just do as I say and beat it!"

[Scott nods to Wilson and Lindsey to follow him and the three of them run. Thunderbird 2's tail thrusters ignite as it flies away to get clear.]

Virgil Tracy: "There she goes!"

Scott Tracy: "Yeah. The lost pyramid of Khamandides is lost forever now."

Lindsey: "Take a look at that. What an escape!"

Wilson: "Yeah, we've certainly got a lot to thank International Rescue for."


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