The advanced civilization of the Zombites have been hidden for centuries beneath the lost pyramid of Khamandides in the Saharan Desert.

The EntranceEdit

Entrance to the base is through a concealed door in the room which holds the eternal fountain and treasure of the King Khamandides.

The MonorailEdit

Beyond the concealed door is the monorail that takes the route over the gas plant and into the main control room.

The Gas Plant and Fighter Jet StorageEdit

The gas plant produces a highly explosive gas made from minerals which is used for fuel and power. The plant workers were gas masks for protection from the gas. This area also is also used to store the Zombites jet fighters.

The Main Control RoomEdit

This area is reached by the monorail, and stores all the main controls for the defence of the pyramid, including ground to air missiles.

The ZombitesEdit

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Fighter JetsEdit

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Destruction of the Zombite's BaseEdit

After capture Scott, Wilson and Lindsey are taken to the control room, were they make there escape on the monorail after a gun battle. Scott shoots at the Zombite worker in the gas plant and hits the machinery which starts a chain of events that destroys the pyramid.

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