"One or two drops of it could increase the meat output of the Argentine tenfold."
— Hector McGill

Theramine being extracted

Theramine is a food additive which greatly increases the size of animals fed with it.

In Attack of the Alligators!, Dr. Orchard has developed this in his laboratory, by a using a rare plant (Sidonicus Americanus), that grows only in the Ambro river.

This discovery obviously has great potential as a solution to the world food shortage, and even greater financial implications.

The ExperimentsEdit

Small amounts of Theramine was fed to rabbits in the laboratory, while other rabbits were fed on a normal diet. After only one small drop, massive increase in size were achieved.

Big Trouble down the PlugholeEdit

Culp over hears Dr. Orchard's talk on the use of Theramine and during the night sneaks into Mrs. Files room and steals the keys to the laboratory. After letting himself in, he takes the Theramine from the cupboard and pours some into a phial. In the process he accidentally tips some of the drug into the sink, washing it away into the river.

In the morning, when Culp ferries Blackmer back down the river, they are attacked by one of the alligators, that has overnight grown in enormous size.


  • The use of a real hand, again, was used to put the "Theramine" back into the cupboard.