Thomas Prescott is a character from 30 Minutes After Noon. He becomes involved in an elaborate scheme to destroy some papers kept at his place of work when he decides to pick up a hitch-hiker on his third wedding anniversary.


A Race Against TimeEdit

Tom picks up a hitch-hiker as he drives home after working late. As he drops the man off, a strange bracelet made of hydrochromatized steel is locked to his wrist and he is told that the key is in a filing cabinet in his office at the Hudson Building in Spoke City. Prescott races back to the building to unlock the bracelet before the explosives device set into it detonates. He arrives at the building just in time, but is still descending from his office in the elevator when the device explodes. The elevator plunges into the basement and Prescott is trapped at the bottom of the lift shaft.

The Rescue of Tom PrescottEdit

International Rescue intervene, and lower a Dicetylene Cage into the lift shaft, the lift car is clamped and slowly brought back to top floor (19th) were Scott was waiting to help him out of the lift.

Prescott is later declared dead, as part of an FBI and Interpol plan to lure the Erdman Gang into a false sense of security.


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