Thompson Tower was a 350-story self-contained city seen in City Of Fire. It was 3,000 feet high. A person could live there for a whole year without ever going outside.

10,000 parking spaces were located underground and were reached via monorail.

The tower's safety was monitored by the Tower Control located close by.

A fiery auto accident and a malfunctioning fire suppression system led to the building's tragic destruction, after a husband and wife crashed in the underground parking.

The Carter family (Joe, Blanche and son Tommy) were trapped in the basement, and had to be rescued by International Rescue's Scott and Virgil Tracy.

Technical DataEdit

  • Height: 3,000 feet
  • Width: half a mile
  • Depth: 2 miles
  • Number of floors: 350
  • Number of hotels: 12


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