TB1 (10)

When a call for help is received, the reconnaissance craft Thunderbird 1 is the first to be launched. Pilot Scott Tracy grips light brackets in the lounge, triggering a revolving door and floor which spins him into TB1's hangar under the house. The wall turns back into place as Scott steps forward on to the gantry which feeds forward to the entry hatch in TB1.

Having quickly changed into his uniform Scott sits at the controls of TB1 carrying out pre-flight checks as the craft is carried down to the Launch Bay on a computer-controlled trolley. TB1 emerges from the tunnel to the Launch Bay located under the swimming pool in front of the Tracy Villa. The trolley comes to a halt over the Exhaust Blast Pit, and a brief automated countdown begins.

The swimming pool, concealing the entrance to the Launch Bay, slides under the patio and Thunderbird 1 blasts off.

When returning to base the launch procedure is reversed, with re-entry under the control of a computer guidance system.

An Empty HangarEdit



Thunderbird 6, first launch


Thunderbird 6, second launch

  • The actual blast-off was filmed only once for the entire TV series, the same footage simply being reused every time. It was however refilmed three times for the two movies (once for Thunderbirds Are Go and twice for Thunderbird 6.)
  • The orientation of the craft when it exits the descending passage to the launch pad is different from when it enters. The only exception occurs in the movie Thunderbirds Are Go.