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This is a list of all the missions Thunderbird 1 took part in, and the equipment it used.

Trapped In the SkyEdit

The Fireflash is unable to land, due to the fact that The Hood has planted a bomb in the landing gear. Thunderbird 1 arrives at London International Airport and Scott Tracy (after setting up his mobile control), assesses the situation. While Scott is organizing the rescue, the Hood, disguised as a police officer, takes photographs of Thunderbird 1. The Automatic Camera Detector alerts Scott, and Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward is sent to retrieve the photographs.

Pit of PerilEdit

After the Sidewinder fell into the pit, Thunderbird 1 is rushed to the scene. Using the Remote-Control Hover Camera, Scott learns that the pit was once an open-cast mine which had been used as a military equipment dump.

City of FireEdit

Scott sets-up the mobile control centre in the Thompson Tower Control, before joining Virgil Tracy in The Mole, so they can tunnel into the corridor system half a mile away from a trapped family.

The UninvitedEdit

As Scott returns from the scene of a fire in Tokyo, Thunderbird 1 is shot down in the Sahara Desert by three unidentified fighter jets. Scott cracks his head as Thunderbird 1 crashes into the sand dunes, but he is found by two explorers, Wilson and Lindsey, who administers first aid. Scott returns to rescue the explorers when they are trapped inside a pyramid by the mysterious Zombites.

The Mighty AtomEdit

Thunderbird 1 is called into action when The Hood sets fire to the Saharan Atomic Station. On arrival Scott sets up the mobile control, and when Virgil arrives in Thunderbird 2 they don protective suits and enter the control room to push the reactor rods back into place.

Operation Crash DiveEdit

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Scott flew Thunderbird 1 to the west coast of Ireland and landed at a farm, in the hunt for the lost Fireflash 4 airliner. He set-up his Mobile control inside the farmer's barn. The farmer made Scott milk the cows before returning to Tracy Island.

Move - And You're DeadEdit

Scott gets sent out in Thunderbird 1 to the San Miguel Bridge, where Alan and Grandma are trapped and unable to move by Victor Gomez and Johnny Gillespie. Thunderbird 1 is soon used to chase the two villains and retrieve Alan's stolen BR2 Lightning 505.

Martian InvasionEdit

Thunderbird 1 races to the Nevada Desert, when two men are trapped in a flooding cave.

The Stolen FilmEdit

After the trapped men are saved, Scott sees that Goldheimer attempts to take pictures of him leaving in Thunderbird 1, and the Automatic Camera Detector isn't functioning. He later finds out that The Hood was filming him, previously using his physic rapport with Kyrano in order to turn it off. Scott chases after the Hood to try and retrieve the film.

Brink of DisasterEdit

Thunderbird 1 arrives at the scene of a bridge in danger of collapsing. A monotrain with people unable to leave it is stuck on the bridge, and Scott attempts to push the train back off the trestle, which collapses before he can start.

Edge of ImpactEdit

Thunderbird 1 arrives at the British Telecom Tower and Scott Tracy sends the Remote-Control Hover Camera up to the top of the tower to access the situation.

Terror In New York CityEdit

At the beginning of the episode Terror In New York City, International Rescue are called when an Oil Well burns out of control. Scott flies to the danger zone in Thunderbird 1, and oversees the operation from a near by oil well gantry, while Virgil in the Firefly fires a charge into the base of the fire to extinguish the flames.

"No Pictures"Edit

Following a rescue mission, Scott's departure is delayed when he detects journalist Ned Cook filming the rescue nearby. While Virgil departs in Thunderbird 2, Scott pursues Ned's jeep and erases the film, acknowledging that Ned was just doing his job but stating that the organization must preserve its secrets.

A Brother In TroubleEdit

Having been delayed by Ned Cook, Thunderbird 1 heads for home. Further in front, Thunderbird 2 strays into a naval test area and is attacked by missiles launched from USN Sentinel. Thunderbird 1 is unable to catch up in time, and Thunderbird 2 is badly damaged.

End Of The RoadEdit

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Day Of DisasterEdit

Thunderbird 1 arrives at Allington Bridge, soon after it collapsed when the Martian Space Probe proved too heavy to be transported across it. Sent plummeting to the bottom of the water, the impact started the rocket's countdown, endangering the lives of the engineers within.

Desperate IntruderEdit

Thunderbird 1 is sent to Lake Anasta to search for Brains and Tin-Tin, who both stopped checking in frequently via radio.

30 Minutes After NoonEdit

Spoke City RescueEdit

Scott races to Spoke City in Thunderbird 1. Thomas Prescott is tapped in the bottom of the lift shaft, in the burning Hudson Building.

Plutonium Store RescueEdit

Scott flies to the Plutonium Store in Thunderbird 1, and using the Laser Cutter Vehicle, Virgil burns their way through the series of locked security doors, penetrating the main storage area. With just five minutes to go, Scott loads the three explosive bracelets on to Thunderbird 1 and dumps them in the sea as they detonate.

The Man From MI.5Edit

In a night time operation, Thunderbird 1 travels to the French Riviera to hunt for the crook's mini-sub, using its sonar tracking system.

The Rescue Of Lady PenelopeEdit

Once Gordon has paralysed the mini-sub, Scott lands Thunderbird 1 on the cliff edge, close to the boat house and rescues Lady Penelope.

Cry WolfEdit

Thunderbird 1 files to Australia on a false alarm, where two boys are playing "International Rescue" and their chat on walkie-talkies is taken for a real emergency by John Tracy in Thunderbird 5.

Thunderbird 1 returns to base with two extra passengers, for a tour of the island.

The Chase After The HoodEdit

Thunderbird 1 is needed to race ahead to Charity Springs, so Scott can catch the Hood, who has stolen some satellite photographs.

Danger At Ocean DeepEdit

Thunderbird 1 was used for two rescues.

Oahu DisasterEdit

International Rescue receives a distress call from Oahu in the Pacific, which has been hit by a typhoon. Hospital patients are in danger and Scott Tracy is sent to help.

Scott reports on the situation and request that Thunderbird 2 with a double crew and Pod 3 are needed, and as Alan is due for satellite duty in Thunderbird 5, Gordon accompanies Virgil in Thunderbird 2.

Ocean Pioneer II - Crew RescueEdit

Thunderbird 1 sets off in search of Ocean Pioneer 2. After locating the ship and landing on the deck, Scott attempts to find and gain contact with the passed out crew. Scott then guides Virgil to the ship by hearing the engines of Thunderbird 2.

Virgil and John arrive in Thunderbird 2 and John is lowered on to the deck. Scott cuts through the sealed Bridge door and the brothers rescue the crewmen, ferrying them away in Thunderbird 2.

The Duchess AssignmentEdit

Scott flies to the Country House were the Duchess of Royston has been kidnapped and left in the burning building. The building is located by the use of the onboard tracking device.

Attack Of The Alligators!Edit

International Rescue receives a distress call from the Ambro River, where people are trapped in side a Lonely River House by giant Alligators. Scott is first to arrive at the scene, in Thunderbird 1.

The Cham-ChamEdit

Thunderbird 1 is needed to fly Scott out to Matthews Field Air Base, to warn them of a new attack on a RTL-2 mission.

Security HazardEdit

Atlantic InfernoEdit

Alan flies Thunderbird 1 to the danger zone, When the crew of the Seascape gets trapped on the sea bed.

Path of DestructionEdit

When the Crablogger goes out of control, Thunderbird 1 is needed to rush Scott off to the San Martino Dam, which lies in the machine's path of destruction.

Alias Mr. HackenbackerEdit

Thunderbird 1 is needed to fly Scott to an interception of the Skythrust after it had been hijacked.

Note: Only stock footage of Thunderbird 1 is used for the take-off and flight.

Lord Parker's 'OlidayEdit

Thunderbird 1 uses its newly installed smokescreen, to block out the sun, to give Brains more time to fix the rotation gear.

Thunderbird 6Edit

The Abominable SnowmanEdit

Meddings Uranium Factory RescueEdit

Scott lands Thunderbird 1 in the New Mexico Desert, near the exploding Meddings Uranium Factory, and begins operating from the ground while he awaits the arrival of Virgil in Thunderbird 2.

Saving PenelopeEdit

Scott flies to the Himalayas in Thunderbird 1 where he locates the Ski-Copter, and breaks into The Hood's Ice Cave hideout to save Penelope from his giant laser beam. After Scott rescues Penelope and Parker, he takes off with them aboard Thunderbird 1 seconds before the cave explodes.