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This is a list of all the missions Thunderbird 1 took part in, and the equipment it used.

Ring of Fire Part 1Edit

Thunderbird 1 helps Thunderbird 2 to stabilise the malfunctioning Sea Lab I, by firing a magnetic cable and holding it steady while Gordon evacuates the crew.

Ring of Fire Part 2Edit

Scott lands Thunderbird 1 on a mountain ledge underneath the Solar Collector. He attempts to turn off the dish's sunlight beam before it destroys the city below the mountain. When the dish collapses, Scott rides to safety on top of Thunderbird 1.


Scott flies Thunderbird 1 to Africa to investigate a radiation leak from and abandoned uranium mine. After sealing the main hatch and becoming trapped in the mine Scott remotely flies Thunderbird 1 towards the back hatch and attaches Thunderbird 1’s grappling cable to the back roof hatch allowing him to escape.


Scott used Thunderbird 1 to intercept the Fireflash pane with Kayo on board. He performed a flyby to check for external damage but the plane was okay.


Thunderbird 1 is used to hover over an out of control train in Japan, Brains ziplines down onto the train using Thunderbird 1's grappling cable. Later Scott operates Thunderbird 1 by remote control in an attempt to slow down the train and as Thunderbird 1 gains more thrust, its cable snaps.

Tunnels of TimeEdit

Scott accompanied Virgil to the Pyramid of the Laughing King to rescue Gordon, Lady Penelope and Parker who were trapped inside.


Using the magnetic cable, Scott ziplines down from Thunderbird 1 and onto CIR.R.U.S.'s outer balcony. Suddenly he gets knocked off by a series of plasma discharges. Scott uses his grappling hook and he climbs back into Thunderbird 1’s cockpit and breaks off when Thunderbird 1’s engines start to stall due to its altitude getting to high.

Heavy MetalEdit

Saving the JetEdit

After an airliner jet becomes trapped in a gravity well Thunderbird 1 attempts to rescue the jet by pulling it out of its dive using a magnetic cable.

Helping Thunderbird 2Edit

It then helped stabilise Thunderbird 2 which was lowering Thunderbird 4 into the Supreme Hadron Collider to shut it down.

Heist SocietyEdit

Thunderbird 1 accompanied Thunderbirds 2 and 4 to the underwater train tunnel. When the train with Lady Penelope, Parker and Professor Moffat inside was saved, Scott hauled the Hood's sub, damaged by FAB 1, up to the surface but the Hood fled in an escape capsule before the sub ripped apart.


Race HomeEdit

When returning from a mission the Tracys decide to have a race home, Scott in Thunderbird 1 came second.

Aurora GeneratorEdit

Scott accompanied Virgil and MAX to the Arctic to shut down the Aurora generator. On final approach, Thunderbird 1 suffered from electromagnetic interference and was forced to land a safe distance away.

The HexpertEdit

Scott helped cut a hole in the roof of the Hudson University then attached Thunderbird 2's cables to the anti matter vault so Virgil can hoist it to safety.

Designated DriverEdit

Dropping off AlanEdit

Scott took Alan in Thunderbird 1 to Lady Penelope's mansion so he could learn how to drive by being taught by Parker.

Picking up AlanEdit

Scott later returned in Thunderbird 1 to pick up Alan and so Scott could see how his driving lesson went.

Chain of CommandEdit

Scott helped attach a harness onto a GDF driver on a collapsing bridge. When the driver's truck fell, Scott engaged Thunderbird 1's Protocol Alpha, saving himself and the driver. Later, Scott set out in his ship to a sinking cargo ship in the Pacific but John told him to turn around when International Rescue was grounded.

Touch and GoEdit

Remote Control RescueEdit

Virgil remotely controlled Thunderbird 1 while Scott boarded a falling plane and piloted it, leading to a crash landing in the desert.

Saving KayoEdit

After Kayo took the Alsterene from the Hood, Scott came to her rescue when one of the Hood's henchmen shot her down but the Hood grappled onto Thunderbird S before Scott arrived.


Scott arrived at a factory where he rescued the lone worker inside with Thunderbird 1's harness.


Mount HaushanEdit

Scott travelled in Thunderbird 1 to Mount Haushan in Alaska to rescue a trapped climber. However, the disaster was faked by the Hood so he can infiltrate Tracy Island undetected.

Return to Tracy IslandEdit

Scott took Thunderbird 1 back to Tracy Island to help Virgil in Thunderbird 2 and John in Thunderbird 5 to pull the Hood's ship apart.


Up From the Depths Part 2Edit

High StrungEdit

Fight or FlightEdit


Thunderbird 1 was used to transport Brains and MAX to the rescue sight while Scott was heading to K2.

Power PlayEdit

Bolt From the BlueEdit

Attack of the ReptilesEdit

Clean SweepEdit

The Man From TB5Edit


Brains vs. BrawnEdit

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