Concealed inside a huge cave inside Tracy Island is Thunderbird 2's Hangar and Pod Bay, home to International Rescue's green behemoth and a collection of other equipment.

Thunderbirds 2's HangarEdit

Thunderbird 2 stands ready for launch in its hangar, awaiting selection of a mission pod; once the required pod is positioned beneath the craft by conveyor belt Thunderbird 2 is lowered over the container before moving out of the hangar through a concealed door under the cliff House and onto the runway to commence its launch sequence.

Thunderbird 2's Pod BayEdit

The Pod containers are computer-managed on a conveyor belt that runs from the Pod Bay and underneath Thunderbird 2.

Pod 2 (Electromagnetic Pod Grabs) & Pod 4 (Thunderbird 4) are pre-loaded while other Rescue craft are stored in bays and can be moved into empty pod containers by a automated system if needed.

The Pod bay also has areas for maintenance and a workshop for the maintenance of equipment. The bay is also wide enough for the vehicles to be driven around to and from the front of each pod as required.

Inspection MonorailEdit

An Inspection Monorail runs through both Hangar and Pod Bay and has a station that allows access to both areas.

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