Tb2 take-off

Blast off!

The Thunderbird 2 Launch Sequence is featured in all but one episode of Thunderbirds. It allows Virgil Tracy and his co-pilot(s) to take to the skies to save people in grave danger.

Entry ChuteEdit

When Thunderbird 2 is required for a rescue, pilot Virgil Tracy stands with his back to the painting of a rocket in lounge. The picture tilts and Virgil drops down onto a padded slide, which glides downwards. Virgil slows and stops on a turntable which brings him feet-first into the chute that leads to Thunderbird 2's hangar.

Virgil enters Thunderbird 2's hangar through the retractable covered chute leading to the pilot's cabin. He slips off the end of the padded slide, his feet striking the footplate which automatically folds into a seat releasing the chute from it. The seat slots into its column and the chute retracts from the craft. If anyone else, is joining him (Alan or Gordon, for example), the passenger lift slides down and locks into place where the passenger chute retracted.

Pod Selection and LaunchEdit


Derek Meddings (left) and Brian Johnson (right) film the Thunderbird 2 launch sequence.

Virgil selects one of the six pods which carries equipment. As Thunderbird 2 is lowered onto a selected pod, Virgil operates the huge Cliff doors leading to an airstrip and jetty beyond. Palm trees disguising the width of Thunderbird 2 flank both sides of the airstrip. As the craft moves forward, they bend outwards to allow it to pass. Thunderbird 2 comes to a halt and is lifted into launch position by a ramp. A small blast shield lifts behind Thunderbird 2's aft motors. Thunderbird 2 is launched.

Return to BaseEdit

Upon returning to base, Thunderbird 2 lands on the runway, taxis up to the Cliff House doors, turns around and reverses into the hangar.

Differences Between SetsEdit


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