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This is a list of the missions Thunderbird 2 took part in.

Trapped in the SkyEdit

Thunderbird 2 was needed to transport Pod 3 containing the four Elevator Cars to London International Airport after The Hood had planted a bomb in the landing gear of the Fireflash.

Pit of PerilEdit

Thunderbird 2 was needed to transport Pod 5 (containing a laboratory, the Mole and two Recovery Vehicles) to the African Jungle, where the U.S Army's Sidewinder had fallen into a pit.

City of FireEdit

Thunderbird 2 was needed to transport Pod 3 containing the Mole and the Firefly to the Thompson Tower, after it had collapsed and trapped the Carter Family in an underground corridor. A Fire Tender was also in the pod but went unused.

Sun ProbeEdit

Carrying Pod 6, Thunderbird 2 was used to carry the Transmitter Truck to Mount Arkan, in order to transmit a radio signal into space that would activate the Sun Probes retros, preventing the rocket from crashing into the sun. The Neutralizer Tractor and Laser Cutter Vehicle were also in the pod but went unused. Thunderbird 3 was simultaneously sent out to save the Sun Probe the same way with her own transmission technology, as the Tracy family were unsure which Thunderbird would be more efficient. What happened was unexpected; the Sun Probe was saved by Thunderbird 3, which was saved by the Transmitter Truck after encountering the exact same problem as the Sun Probe!

The UninvitedEdit

Scott has been shot down in the Sahara Desert by three unidentified fighter planes; he is found by two explorers who radio International Rescue. Virgil, Brains and Tin-Tin soon arrive in Thunderbird 2 carrying Pod 6.

Investigating Scott's disappearance (for a second time), Virgil and Gordon arrive near the Pyramid in Thunderbird 2. Scott radios Virgil to warn him to get clear as the lost pyramid of Khamandides explodes in a huge fireball.

The Mighty AtomEdit

Thunderbird 4 is carried by Thunderbird 2 in Pod 4 to the sea intake of the Saharan Desert atomic irrigation plant to save the plant by destroying the intake.

Vault of DeathEdit

Thunderbird 2 is used to carry Virgil and Alan to London to rescue Lambert, who is trapped inside the Bank of England.

Pod 5 is used to carry the Hover bikes needed to get Alan and Virgil through the underground system to the Bank station. The Mole was also in the pod but went unused due to the huge concentration of electric, gas and water mains near the Bank of England.

Operation Crash-DiveEdit

For the first rescue, Thunderbird 2 was needed to airlift Thunderbird 4 in Pod 4, to the west coast of Ireland, where Fireflash 4 had crashed and sunk. After a short search, Gordon found the airliner on the sea bed. He cut the engines off the plane, allowing it to float to the surface. The crew were rescued by using the Rescue Cage stowed in the equipment deck on Thunderbird 2.

Since Fireflash 4, and Fireflash 3 before that, have been encountering inexplicable problems that lead to crashing, Thunderbird 2 is assigned to fly close below Fireflash 5, allowing Gordon to ascend into the fuselage/landing gear by an air-to-air unit to solve any problems. He finds a Saboteur has disconnected the EPU. The saboteur isn't listening to reason, so Gordon has no choice but to shoot him, sending him falling out of the open hatch and into the ocean. Gordon manages to connect the EPU at the last second when Fireflash is about to crash-dive into the ocean. Since Thunderbird 2 was also carrying Pod 4 for this second rescue, Thunderbird 4 was also onboard but this went unused since Gordon was able to save Fireflash 5 by fixing the Elevator Power Unit.

Move - and You're DeadEdit

Thunderbird 2 is needed to take Alan to Parola Sands where he is to take part in the race to test a new engine designed by Brains and fitted into a BR2 Lightning 505 which is carried by Thunderbird 2 in Pod 5. This is seen in a flashback prior to the events of the episode.

Operation to Save Alan and GrandmaEdit

Present day, Thunderbird 2 carrying Pod 1 arrives to the scene of the San Miguel Bridge, where Alan and Grandma are trapped and unable to move without a bomb blowing them sky high. Using a Neutralizer Tractor from Pod 1, Brains neutralises the sonic wave generator, deactivating the motion detector and enabling Virgil to manoeuvre a Jet-Air Transporter (also from Pod 1) on to the bridge.

Alan falls from the girder, and is caught on a cushion of air emitted by a powerful jet engine on the back of the transporter. Grandma jumps from the bridge and also lands safely on the cushion of air. They escape from the bridge just as the bomb explodes.

Martian InvasionEdit

Thunderbird 2 is needed to carry Pod 5 containing the Excavator to the Nevada desert, where two actors (Maguire & Slim) are trapped in a cave that is quickly filling with water. The Hood had fixed the charges, which causes a giant explosion, so that he can film the craft of International Rescue when they arrive.

The Chase After The HoodEdit

The Hood makes his getaway in his Jeep. Scott having trouble stopping him, calls for Virgil's help. Thunderbird 2 creates a landslide with its overhead missile launcher, but the Hood still manage to escape, (on foot) into the trees.

Brink of DisasterEdit

Thunderbird 2 uses the Electromagnetic Pod Grabs inside Pod 2 to carry away the central carriage of the crashed Pacific Atlantic Monotrain containing Jeff Tracy, Tin-Tin Kyrano, Brains and Warren Grafton before the bridge bearing it collapses under the train's immense weight.

The Perils of PenelopeEdit

Thunderbird 2 takes Virgil, Alan and Gordon, to Anderbad, meeting up with Parker in FAB 1. Realising that Lady Penelope has gone missing, Virgil and Gordon set off into the tunnel on the Monobrake carried in Pod 6. This is the only time vehicles are seen being unloaded from the rear of a Pod.

Terror in New York CityEdit

Thunderbird 2 is needed to carry the Firefly in Pod 6 to an oil well fire to extinguish it.

Shot Down in FlamesEdit

Main article: Shot Down In Flames

Returning from this ex-disaster, Thunderbird 2 is shot by the U.S. Navy and heavily damaged. It manages to return to Tracy Island, but must undergo very long repairs before being rescue worthy again. Had Thunderbird 2 not been shot down, it could have been used to transport Thunderbird 4 to New York, where Ned Cook and Joe are a day away from drowning. Luckily, Thunderbird 4 was transported to the Big Apple on time by means of the very same boat that shot down Thunderbird 2 in the first place!

End of the RoadEdit

Main article: The Rescue of Eddie Houseman

Thunderbird 2 utilises the Electromagnetic Pod Grabs inside Pod 2 to carry Eddie Houseman's truck off of the mountain precipice. Unfortunately, the truck proves too heavy for the clamps, but Eddie manages to jump clear before it falls to destruction.

Day of DisasterEdit

Thunderbird 2 is used to carry Pod 4 containing Thunderbird 4 to Allington Suspension Bridge. Thunderbird 2 by using its clearing grabs is used to clear away the rubble surrounding the sunken Martian Space Probe, allowing Thunderbird 4 to separate the manned nose cone from the live rocket. Thunderbird 2, using its electromagnetic grabs stowed in the equipment deck, lifts the nose cone to safety.

Edge of ImpactEdit

Thunderbird 2 transports the Thunderizer in Pod 3 to fire a rescue pack up into a tower to rescue two men, Jim and Stan.

Desperate IntruderEdit

Virgil takes Brains and Tin-Tin to Lake Anasta in Thunderbird 2, equipped with Pod 5, carrying the Field Mission Half-Track pulling two caravans.

Back to the LakeEdit

Jeff is worried that the team have not called in and dispatches Thunderbirds 1 and 2 to the scene. Thunderbird 2 is also carrying Pod 4 with Thunderbird 4 inside. The Hood watches the arrival of the craft from his submarine. Scott reports that the Automatic Camera Detector in Thunderbird 1 has been activated and Brains realises that they all walked into a trap. That night, Brains makes a second dive into the Lake, discovering treasure stored in one of the Temple's pillars. He trips over an alarm set by the Hood and following a series of wires along the lake bed, soon runs into The Hood, who hypnotises him once again.

The Hood blows up the temple to try and reveal the hidden treasure, but traps Brains beneath one of the columns in the process. Thunderbird 4 is set down on a rescue.

30 Minutes After NoonEdit

For the first rescue, Thunderbird 2 is used to transport the Dicetylene Cage which is needed to rescue Thomas Prescott from the fire in the Hudson Building in Spoke City.

For the second rescue, Virgil flies in Thunderbird 2 to the Plutonium Store, and using the Laser Cutter Vehicle (from Pod 5), they burn their way through the series of locked security doors, to rescue Southern who is being held by a Security Robot.

The Man From MI.5Edit

Thunderbird 2 is needed to ferry Thunderbird 4 inside Pod 4 to the French Riviera to hunt for the crook's Mini-Sub that is sitting on the seabed.

Cry WolfEdit

Thunderbird 2 is first used to return Bob and Tony Williams from Tracy Island to Charity Springs. Thunderbird 2 is later needed to take Virgil and Alan to Charity Springs Tin Mine so they can rescue Bob and Tony, who are trapped down a mine shaft.

Danger at Ocean DeepEdit

Oahu DisasterEdit

International Rescue receives a distress call from Oahu in the Pacific Ocean, which has been hit by a typhoon. Hospital patients are in danger and Scott Tracy is sent to help.

Scott reports on the situation and requests that Thunderbird 2 with a double crew and Pod 3 are needed, as Alan is due for satellite duty in Thunderbird 5, Gordon accompanies Virgil in Thunderbird 2. Scott Tracy reports that Hydrostats from Pod 3 were used to stabilise a weakened Hospital in Oahu.

Crew Rescue From Ocean Pioneer IIEdit

Thunderbirds 1 and Thunderbird 2 (carrying Pod 5) are launched, the three man crew of Ocean Pioneer are trapped inside with the ship about to explode. Scott lands Thunderbird 1 on the deck and investigates in a radiation suit.

Virgil and John arrive in Thunderbird 2 and John is lowered on to the deck. Scott cuts through the sealed Bridge door and the brothers rescue the crewmen using Thunderbird 2's winch ladder, ferrying them away in Thunderbird 2.

The Duchess AssignmentEdit

Thunderbird 2 is used to transport Pod 3 containing the Domo and the Mole to a house fire, in which the Duchess of Royston is trapped in the countryside near New York City. Whilst Scott Tracy uses the Domo's suction restrainers to delay the collapse of the burning house, Virgil Tracy uses the Mole to rescue the Duchess of Royston from the basement of the same house.

Attack of the Alligators!Edit

A Trip to Mateo IslandEdit

After all communications are lost with Thunderbird 5, Virgil takes Alan in Thunderbird 2 to the Communications Mast on Mateo Island, to carry out repairs.

Alligator Attack!Edit

Gordon and Alan use the underside mounted machine cannons housed in Thunderbird 2's equipment deck to fire tranquilliser darts that knock out 3 of the giant alligators. The 4th and final one was killed by Thunderbird 2's missiles. Thunderbird 2 had also transported Pod 4 with Thunderbird 4 inside to the danger zone. This proved necessary for Gordon Tracy to retrieve, from a river, a test tube full of the same dangerous growth drug (Theramine) which had created the giant alligators in the first place.

Launching of Thunderbird 4Edit

Thunderbird 4 is called into action when Culp intends to make a getaway with the phial of Theramine, threatening to pour in into the swamp unless he is given clear passage.

The Cham-ChamEdit

For the first attempt to rescue the falling cable car, Virgil Tracy and Alan Tracy use Thunderbird 2's Hawser Cable grabs to stop the cable car but these grabs fail. For the second rescue attempt, Parker successfully attaches a set of 4 winch hook cables from Thunderbird 2 to the falling cable car, allowing Virgil to safely slow it down before it crashes.

Security HazardEdit

Thunderbird 2 is needed to carry the Fire Truck in Pod 1 to a mine fire in England to extinguish it. The Monobrake was also onboard Pod 1 but went unused. During this rescue, Chip Morrison, who lives near the mine, sneaks into Thunderbird 2's pod and is taken back to Tracy Island, creating a breach of security.

Chip is later returned by Thunderbird 2 in Pod 2 to his home.

Atlantic InfernoEdit

For the first rescue, Thunderbird 2 was needed to airlift Thunderbird 4 and a Sealing Device attached by tow cables to the former in Pod 4, to the Atlantic, where a gas fire broke out near the Seascape drilling rig. The fire was extinguished using the Sealing Device.

For the second rescue, Thunderbird 2 was needed to airlift Thunderbird 4 in Pod 4, back to Seascape which was facing destruction from even more gas fires, these ones too numerous and intense to extinguish in time. Thunderbirds 2 and 4 were needed to rescue rig workers Frank Hooper and Dick O'Shea, who were trapped in a diving bell under Seascape before the rig's destruction. After Thunderbird 4 initially freed the diving bell from Seascape's winch cables and debris, the electromagnetic grabs stowed in the equipment deck on Thunderbird 2 were used to finally get the diving bell to safety.

Path Of DestructionEdit

Thunderbird 2 carries Pod 3 with the Mobile Crane inside to San Martino. Scott Tracy uses the Mobile Crane to lift Virgil Tracy and Brains on-board the out of control Crablogger which is threatening to destroy the San Martino Dam.

Alias Mr. HackenbackerEdit

Thunderbird 2 (carrying Pod 3) fires a non-explosive missile that jams Skythrust's landing gear in place, putting a stop to the hijackers' plans to land the plane at a remote airbase in the Sahara Desert. Later on Thunderbird 2 used an actual explosive missile to destroy the hijackers' base.

Lord Parkers 'OlidayEdit

Carrying Pod 3, Thunderbird 2's lifting power is put to the test when it must shift an enormous reflector from the bottom of a mountain by using the magno-grip stowed in the equipment deck on Thunderbird 2.


Thunderbird 2 (carrying Pod 3) must prevent a falling satellite from hitting a massive oil refinery. Although Brains - believing it to still be manned - cannot bring himself to shoot it out of the sky, Thunderbird 2 lifts the satellite past the refinery with its starboard wing.

Give Or Take A MillionEdit


Thunderbird 2 (carrying Pod 3) is used to transport Nicky to Tracy Island.

Thunderbirds Are Go (Film)Edit

Initially, Thunderbird 2 (carrying Pod 5) was used to escort the second Zero-X, up through Earths atmosphere after the original Zero-X was accidentally destroyed by The Hood.

Later on, Thunderbird 2 was used to rendezvous with the crash diving second Zero-X in Earth's atmosphere after the latter was irreparably damaged during re-entry after returning from Mars. With Virgil Tracy flying Thunderbird 2, Gordon Tracy and Alan Tracy used the Air-To-Air Rescue Equipment to winch Alan into the nose wheel housing of Zero-X so that Alan could fix the damaged Escape Unit controls to allow for the safe evacuation of the Zero-X team. Since Thunderbird 2 was also carrying Pod 4 for this rescue, Thunderbird 4 was also onboard but this went unused.

Thunderbird 6 (Film)Edit

Initially, Thunderbird 2 joins Thunderbird 1 and the Tiger Moth Biplane (aka Thunderbird 6) in escorting FAB 1 from Creighton-Ward Manor to rendezvous with Skyship One at the New World Aircraft Corporation Terminal near London, England.

Later on, Thunderbird 2 (carrying Pod 5) goes to Casablanca, Morocco to destroy Black Phantom's base with the demolition cannon with Thunderbird 1 also doing the same with its demolition cannon. Soon after this, Thunderbirds 1 and 2 went to rendezvous with the returning Skyship One near Dover, England. However, during the rendezvous, Skyship One became impaled on a relay tower at the Dover Missile Base after the Gravity Compensators failed.

In the first attempt to rescue the International Rescue passengers from the doomed Skyship One, Thunderbird 2 lowered the Rescue Cage. However, this rescue attempt was aborted when Virgil Tracy realised that the exhaust from Thunderbird 2s vertical thrusters was threatening to tip Skyship One off balance. This prevented Virgil from getting close enough to use the Rescue Cage whilst forcing Jeff Tracy and Gordon Tracy to quickly devise a new rescue plan.

The new rescue plan had Thunderbird 2 temporarily divert to the New World Aircraft Corporation Terminal to load the Tiger Moth Biplane into Pod 5. Thunderbird 2 quickly returned to the Dover Missile Base and landed in a nearby field. The Tiger Moth was unloaded from Pod 5 and flown by Brains. After 2 attempts, Brains successfully landed the Tiger Moth on Skyship One (with a little help from Thunderbird 1's exhaust slipstream) and successfully evacuated all of the International Rescue passengers.

However this rescue operation wasn't finished yet. The Dover Missile Base still had to be evacuated which meant Skyship One's inevitable crash onto the Missile Base had to be delayed, at least until everyone was evacuated from the area. To delay Skyship One's crash, Thunderbird 2 used a magnetic clamp to hold Skyship One steady. Thunderbird 1 also did the same with its magnetic clamp. Whilst Skyship One proved very heavy, even for the high tensile grabs of both Thunderbirds 1 and 2, fortunately the Missile Base was fully evacuated by time Thunderbirds 1 and 2 were forced to let Skyship One crash.

Introducing ThunderbirdsEdit

Thunderbird 2 is launched from the island, and deploys Thunderbird 4, to show Lady Penelope and Parker how it works.

The Abominable SnowmanEdit

Meddings Uranium FactoryEdit

Thunderbird 2 arrives at the exploding Meddings Uranium Factory and drops three fire extinguishing capsules into the inferno to stop the fire from spreading to the rest of the factory's reactors. The capsules worked extremely well and the plant was saved from total destruction.

Finding PenelopeEdit

Along with Scott in Thunderbird 1, Virgil used Thunderbird 2 to try and help find Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward who had been captured by The Hood. Scott later orders Virgil to quickly fly away from the Ice Cave because it's about to blow up and it is later seen flying home alongside Thunderbird 1.

The Stately Homes RobberiesEdit

Thunderbird 2 transports Gordon Tracy in Thunderbird 4 to London, so Gordon can defuse the auto-bomb in the Tower of London.