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This is a list of the missions that Thunderbird 2 took part in.

Ring of Fire Part 1Edit

Rescuing a Father and SonEdit

Thunderbird 2 was used to rescue a man and his son from a hot air balloon that was spinning out of control in the chaotic weather. Once the mission was successfully, completed Thunderbird 2 returned to Tracy Island.

Sea Lab RescueEdit

Along with the help of Thunderbird 1, Thunderbird 2 was used to stop the sea lab from falling off an underwater cliff, while Gordon evacuated the crew in Thunderbird 4.

Ring of Fire Part 2Edit

Thunderbird 2 first tried to tilt the damaged Solar Collector's dish upwards, to prevent the beam of light it reflected from destroying Taipei. However, the dish couldn't be moved without causing more damage to the facility, putting the worker's lives at risk. Virgil decided to evacuate the workers while Scott separated the dish from the mountain.


Along with Scott in Thunderbird 1, Virgil travelled to Africa in Thunderbird 2 to investigate an old uranium mine which had started to leak radiation. After Scott became trapped in the abandoned mine, Virgil then rescued him using the Mole.


After Kayo couldn't land the Fireflash due to the landing gear failing to come down, Thunderbird 2 unloaded two Elevator Car Pods, which tried to cushion the Fireflash's rough landing. Unfortunately the aircraft was to heavy for the Pods, and thus had to take off again. Virgil used Thunderbird 2's electromagnetic cables to help land the aircraft.


While Virgil is taking Grandma Tracy on a trip to London, Thunderbird 2 is hit by a EMP charge and crash lands in London. When the power in London was restored, Virgil retrieved his power suit from Thunderbird 2's Module and rescued a crane operator before the crane crashed to the ground.

Tunnels of TimeEdit

Thunderbird 2 was used to shift a huge boulder which had collapsed on a mine tunnel trapping the workers. It was later used to rescue Gordon, Lady Penelope and Parker who had also become trapped in the cave.


Thunderbird 2 was summoned to rescue the crew of CIR.R.U.S., which was in danger of flying too high for its explosive balloons to handle. Deploying a Helipod to fix damage to the rotors, Virgil tried to stabilise the weather station by making physical contact with it using Thunderbird 2. However, Langstrom Fischler hadn't installed a static dampening mechanism, causing the energy of one hundred lighting bolts to build up on the station. This was sent through the rescue vehicle's control systems upon contact, short-circuiting them and forcing Gordon to take control through the Helipod. Thunderbird 2, now nothing more than a hazard, limped back to Tracy Island for repair.

Under PressureEdit

Thunderbird 2 was used to deploy Thunderbird 4 to the scene of a toxic waste container that was heading towards a sea cliff with no way of stopping. After the man inside was evacuated (and his pet flower), Gordon separated the toxic cargo tanks from the rest of the vehicle before they could fall off the cliff and release the toxins.

Heavy MetalEdit

Thunderbird 2 was used to investigate a fallen satellite, which was due to a powerful, slow growing gravity well coming from the nearby Quantum Research Centre. Having Thunderbird 4 equipped, the pressure resistant submarine was lowered into the eye of the well by Thunderbird 2 in an attempt to dissipate the well before it caused any more major damage.

Falling SkiesEdit

After picking up Gordon in Thunderbird 4 from an unseen mission, Thunderbird 2 then proceeds to collect the passengers of Thunderbird 3's cargo bay, who were evacuated from the crashing Space Hotel.


Thunderbird 2 travels to the Arctic Circle to save a man from freezing to death. With no other vehicles in sight, Virgil and John question the nature of the distress call, a "breakdown". The brothers then discover that more people are trapped underground, for a large tunnelling vehicle failed to continue operating. The Explorer is constructed and deployed to head down a large pit leading to these people. Virgil took Professor Goncharov to Thunderbird 2 and then came back for Dr Peck. When the ice shelf started to crumble, Virgil and Peck managed to escape and headed for Mercy Hospital to tend to Peck's leg and cure his daughter with Bacterium C Platensis.

Heist SocietyEdit

when Thunderbird 4 cut the tunnel section holding the train carrying Lady Penelope, Parker and Professor Moffat away from the rest of the tunnel the remote airbag pods lifted the section to the surface where Virgil used Thunderbird 2's cables to latch onto the tunnel.


Returning to Tracy IslandEdit

Returning from a previous rescue mission with Thunderbirds 1, 3 and 4, the Tracy Brothers decide to have a race back home to Tracy Island. Carrying both Virgil and Gordon, Thunderbird 2 came stone dead last, but Gordon was deemed the ultimate loser, because Virgil's body technically entered the hangar first.

Aurora Borealis GeneratorEdit

Thunderbird 2 flies to the Aurora Generator with Scott in Thunderbird 1; on approach both Thunderbird craft experienced magnetic interference from the generator. Both ships landed further away from the generator and Thunderbird 2 unloaded two Pod Explorers to travel to the generator without the magnetic interference.


Thunderbird 2 was used to move sections of the giant Hydro Methane Extractor after Virgil had cut the machine into smaller parts.

The HexpertEdit

Virgil used Thunderbird 2's cables to pull open part of the roof of the Hudson university and then transported the vault containing Lady Penelope, Parker and Alice Lungren to an abandoned mineshaft. When they jumped to safety, two of the magnetic cables were polarised by the anti-matter reaction. Scott managed to fly out from the shaft with his jetpack when the vault fell down the shaft and exploded.

Chain of CommandEdit

Bridge Swingin' in the BreezeEdit

A man inside a G.D.F. truck was stuck near the ledge of a broken bridge, swaying violently in the wind. Thunderbird 2 stabilised the bridge and deployed two Foam Stabilisation Pods to spray expanding glue on the bridge and strengthen it again. Although the adhesive did not work and the bridge collapsed, the man in danger was saved by Scott.

Sinking SkyscraperEdit

Scott, Virgil, Alan and Gordon took Thunderbird 2 to Sad Madeena in Dubai Which was in danger by a growing sinkhole. Colonel Martin Janus and the GDF intercepts them and escorted to the nearest base where they tried to break into Thunderbird 2 by force. After Lady Penelope, Parker and Colonel Casey arrived to arrest Janus, Alan and Gordon deployed the Mole and a land based Foam Stabilization Pod to stabilise the building while Scott and Virgil rescued the workers trapped at the top.

Touch And GoEdit

Virgil managed to grapple onto a plummeting cargo plane while Scott boarded it with magnetic boots. While they were attempting a landing, the wings broke off from Thunderbird 2's cables but Virgil managed to grapple on until the tail broke off. When the rest of the plane slowed to a stop at the edge of a huge cliff, Virgil sported his power suit to latch a tow line onto the plane but the plane fell into the gorge, so Scott and the pilot used a grapple hook to latch onto the cliff while the plane fell away.


Cave ExcavationEdit

Virgil took Thunderbird 2 and the Mole to the Lead Mountain near Berlin, where a cave had collapsed. Virgil burrowed into the mountain with the Mole and just disembarked with a power suit on, only to find himself frozen next to a motion detecting bomb. The mission was a diversion by the Hood, made to lead the Tracy brothers away from Tracy Island.

Destroying the Hood's ShipEdit

After Virgil regained control of Thunderbird 2 he returned to Tracy Island, picking up Thunderbird 4 en route, and joined Scott and John to help them destroy the Hood's Hubship. Using the pair of grabs stored in module 3, Thunderbirds 1, 2 and 5 tore the Hood's ship to pieces.


Geological Survey Team RescueEdit

Virgil attempted to rescue the Geological Survey Team vehicle trapped in a chasm created by the Earthbreaker using the grapple, but an attack by the Mechanic severed the grapple and heavily damaged Thunderbird 2, forcing Virgil to retreat and leave the rescue to Scott and Kayo. The attack left Thunderbird 2 with one VTOL jet.

Emergency Crash Landing on Tracy IslandEdit

With only 1 VTOL jet and the main thrusters left functioning, returning to Tracy Island was such a risk that Scott recommended that Virgil make an ocean landing. However, Virgil, feeling that Brains might be able to analyse the drone lodged in the working jet and develop a countermeasure, decided to make an attempt anyway. Despite the damage, Thunderbird 2 was able to maintain horizontal flight long enough to limp back to Tracy Island. On approach to the runway, the rear of the crippled Thunderbird 2 clipped the top of a rocky mound before violently smashing onto the landing strip. When Thunderbird 2 finally careered to a halt, it was sprayed with a protective layer of foam to prevent post-crash fires. Despite the violent landing, Virgil was uninjured and Thunderbird 2 was expected to be repaired in time.

City Under the SeaEdit

Thunderbird 2 carried Thunderbird 4 to the rescue site with Gordon and Kayo on board. After they rescued the Sullivan family, the family asked Virgil to show them penguins, so Thunderbird 2 was used to make a tour to Antarctica.

Up From the Depths Part 1Edit

Thunderbird 2 took Thunderbird 4 to the rescue sight, but Thunderbird 4 was destroyed by the Mechanic. Gordon used the TV-21 in order to lift up the Deep Ocean Surveyor above water, and Thunderbird 2 retrieved the crew. However, the Mechanic's ship started to fire, leaving Thunderbird 2 behind.

Lost KingdomEdit

Thunderbird 4 was carried to the rescue site aboard Thunderbird 2. Virgil, aboard Thunderbird 2, later asked Lady Penelope to assist Gordon, Brains and MAX underwater.

High StrungEdit

Thunderbird 2 was launched to assist the rescue performed by Scott. Also, Brains asked him to carry his new invention, RAD, to the rescue site. After Virgil arrived, Thunderbird 2 carried Thunderbird 1 to the bottom of the mountain, and it carried Brandon Berrenger to Tracy Island after the rescue ended.

Weather or NotEdit

Fight or FlightEdit

Escape ProofEdit


Power PlayEdit

Bolt From the BlueEdit

Grandma TourismoEdit

Clean SweepEdit


Long HaulEdit

Rigged for DisasterEdit


Brains vs. BrawnEdit

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