Thunderbird 3 docked with Thunderbird 5.

Thunderbird 3 is the primary supply vessel to Thunderbird 5 and docks by entering nose first through the docking shaft on Thunderbird 5, specifically designed to match the diameter of Thunderbird 3. An airlock directly connects the control room of Thunderbird 3 to the main control room of Thunderbird 5.

Cutaway DrawingEdit


  • A: Hangar, Thunderbird 5.
  • B: Sensors in ring on Thunderbird 3 guide nose into Docking port.
  • C: Electro-magnets clamp the ring of TB3 forming an airtight seal. Air is then pumped into the hangar.
  • D: Once the correct air pressure is achieved, TB3's airlock can be opened.
  • E: Astronauts can proceed along Access Ramp to interior of Satellite.
  • F: Airlock door to Inspection Platform.

Crew Change-overEdit

Scott takes Alan to Thunderbird 5, to relieve John for a month's rest on Tracy Island.

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