For rescues beyond the Earth's atmosphere, the spaceship Thunderbird 3 is brought into action. Housed in a silo beneath the Round House on Tracy Island, Thunderbird 3 is also International Rescue's vital link between its base and the orbiting space station, Thunderbird 5.

Astronaut Alan Tracy sits on the settee in the lounge and presses a concealed button. On the signal the settee lowers through the floor to the waiting trolley below. The settee can hold up to three persons (as seen in the episode Sun Probe.)

As the trolley begins its swift journey, an identical settee slides onto the lift and quickly rises to the lounge as a replacement.

Thunderbird 3's SiloEdit

The astronauts are carried along the track to the base of huge silo containing Thunderbird 3. Coming to rest under the spaceship, the settee is lifted up through central Entry Hatch and up to the lounge of Thunderbird 3. With the settee now in position, the lift retracts and the ship is sealed.

Preparations For Lift-OffEdit

Alan crosses to the elevator which takes him to the control cabin. He quickly changes into uniform and engages the automatic countdown. At the same time, the silo door below the Round House opens, while the trolley retracts into the tunnel.


Finally the spacecraft lifts off through the blast proof Round House on its way into space.

Thunderbirds Are Go (2015)Edit

Like everything in the new series, the launch of Thunderbird 3 has been kept the same, and yet not the same as it was. For example, Alan sits himself on the green couch (which now has a partition in it) and it sinks into the ground and travels to a partition (which wasn't in the old series). New additions include the "theme park ride safety harness" which extend for every launch sequence. At the partition, the couch is spun 90° clockwise, sending Alan down tube 1 and Kayo (if she's with him) down tube 2, on separate tracks.

In tube 1, Alan is put into his pressure suit, and given armour on the tops of his forearms and his chest, by robotic arms. In tube 2, Kayo (if she's with Alan) is put into her boots and spats (again, by robot arms), and then buckles herself into her harness.

Alan and Kayo are then brought out of the tubes, albeit facing backward, and are picked up by a robotic arm, which lifts them up and puts them into TB3's cockpit. The chairs travel from the arm's rails into rails set in TB3, and the airlock is sealed, whilst the robotic arm retreats. Alan and Kayo are spun round on the rails so they're on their backs, and arranged so Kayo sits on the left and Alan sits on the right. The door to TB3's silo is closed, the rocket itself ignites and flies off into space.

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