Thunderbird 3 2004 version

Thunderbird 3 is the red spacecraft used by International Rescue in Thunderbirds. It is usually piloted by Gordon Tracy, although it can also be piloted by Jeff.

Technical DataEdit

Armaments: none
Crew: up to 5
Engines: 3 main engines (1 in each buttress); 3 secondary engines (located in central fuselage); 9 retro-rockets (located on buttresses); 10 attitude-control rockets
Launch thrust: 1.8 million kg (4 million pounds)
Length: 85 metres (279 feet)
Power source: Hackenbacker series 3000 fusion reactor
Range: unlimited
Weight: 372 tonnes
Width across buttresses: 22 metres (72 feet)
Width of fuselage: 7 metres (25 feet)
Maximum speed: 5,000 mph

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