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Thunderbird 3
Image thunderbird 3
Type: SSTO Rocket
Affiliation: International Rescue
Top Speed: 25, 200 mph
Main Operator: Alan Tracy (primary pilot)
Kayo (co-pilot)
Scott Tracy (co-pilot)

Thunderbird 3 is a giant SSTO (Single Stage to Orbit) space rocket that is revolutionary in terms of speed, functionality and reusability. It was created by Brains and is owned by International Rescue. Its existential purpose is to save the lives of people who are in mortal danger outside of the Earth's atmosphere. It is piloted by Alan Tracy, and sometimes co-piloted by Kayo or Scott Tracy. Also, Virgil Tracy co-piloted once, and Gordon Tracy co-piloted twice.


Although capable of agile atmospheric flight (as seen in Skyhook & Falling Skies), TB3 is designed for space rescue missions, usually only flying straight upwards to space after launching. It can move very freely in space using vernier thrusters built around its whole body to perform delicate maneuvers. The engine array at the base of the rocket includes an incredibly powerful central ion engine for extremely long distance space travel, and three rocket engines surrounding it. Three grapple arms connect the middle of the ship to the three rocket engines, which can be deployed for various uses. The cavities where the arms sit has nozzles, allowing the engines to fire frontward when the arms are deployed.

TB3 has highly advanced heat and radiation shielding, allowing it to get very close to the sun without suffering meltdown in its systems. Its ion engines allow travel to other large nearby celestial bodies in a relatively short time. The rocket can travel to the sun in a matter of hours and Jupiter, within a few days; both of which could take months when done conventionally. While TB3 has large fuel reserves, the amount of fuel carried is mission-specific, as seen in Slingshot, where TB3 almost ran out of fuel around the sun forcing Alan to slingshot TB3 around the sun to get back to Earth, while it never had problems traveling to and from Jupiter in Deep Search.

TB3 sports a cargo bay above the engines that can carry and assemble one Pod that is specialized for outer space rescue. While the cargo bay is large enough to carry more than a dozen people even with the Pod in it, it is ill-suited to doing so as it has only large bay doors instead of airlocks.The cockpit is located in the upper-middle of the rocket's body and it has 4 seats, making it the largest cockpit among all the Thunderbirds. Windows form a ring all around the fuselage, and the cockpit can rotate so that Alan can see all around the outside. This cockpit is home to an airlock exit as well as the Space Surfboard.

Specifications Edit

Length/Height: 179 feet

Wingspan: 70 feet

Maximum Acceleration: 10G

Drive system: Ion-drive particle accelerator

Launch system: Hybrid electromagnetic/rocket motor

Cargo Bay Edit

Pod Assembly Edit

Just like Thunderbird 2, Thunderbird 3 has a Pod inside its cargo bay, but unlike Thunderbird 2, there is only one Pod. This particular Pod looks identical, save for the circular magnetic dock on top of it, but it is specialized for outer space rescues. Its various attachments are unique, and are stored in red crates, ready to be picked up and fastened on by the robotic arms of the bay. Thunderbird 4 can also be carried and modified within the cargo bay of Thunderbird 3


Nose Cone DrillEdit

Thunderbird 3 has a large drill stored in its nose cone, which provides Thunderbird 3 with a strong grip on unstable structures; such as meteors and comets.

Grapple ArmsEdit

Thunderbird 3 has three grapple arms used for latching onto structures in space such as satellites and debris. Usually, the arms are attached to the three booster engines of Thunderbird 3, but when in use, they fold out from the engines and extend forwards. These arms are also used to help Thunderbird 3 dock with Thunderbird 5.

Electromagnetic CablesEdit

Thunderbird 3 also has a set of electromagnetic cables stored in the tips of the Grapple Arms, they are used for grabbing multiple objects, each Grapple Arm contains several cables, making Thunderbird 3 the Thunderbird craft with the most number of electromagnetic cables.


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Concept ArtEdit


  • Thunderbird 3 is the biggest Thunderbird.
  • Thunderbird 3 offers her passengers video games ('Zombie Apocalypse' and 'Alien Storm'), as seen in Slingshot.
  • Thunderbird 3 has had all the Tracy brothers (excluding Alan as he is the main pilot) and Kayo in the co-pilot seat over the course of both seasons show, however Kayo and Scott are the two most common flight companions for Alan.
  • Thunderbird 3 has carried Thunderbird 4 in the cargo bay, seen in Deep Search.
  • The TV-21 contains the most powerful thruster that Brains has built (15,300 mph), but Thunderbird 3 can reach a top speed of 25,200 mph, thanks to its ion engine, which TV-21 lacks.