This is a list of the missions of Thunderbird 3.

Ring of Fire: Part 1Edit

Alan and Kayo took Thunderbird 3 to fix an out of control TV satellite.

Ring of Fire: Part 2Edit

Alan and Kayo launched Thunderbird 3 to attach a bypass module to the Hood's earthquake satellite. The mission was successful and the Hood's lair was revealed to be in Australia. Kayo ejected from Thunderbird 3 to infiltrate the lair.

Space RaceEdit

Junk DutyEdit

Alan was doing space junk duty using Thunderbird 3's grappling cables when he accidentally caught a stealth mine, which activates.

Stealth Mine ChaseEdit

Alan tries to keep it away from other starships until the kill code for the mine can be found. When the mine targeted another ship, Alan went EVA from Thunderbird 3 on his hoverboard and disabled the mine with the kill code before it can detonate.


Alan launched Thunderbird 3 to rescue John from the AI program EOS. When she used Thunderbird 5's gravity ring to crush John, Alan stopped the ring with Thunderbird 3's grapple arms. He was forced to break off when EOS tried to grab the ship with the space elevator, but she had a change of heart before she could crush the ship.


Solar FlareEdit

Alan and Kayo took Thunderbird 3 to rescue Ned Tedford and his flower, Gladys from an asteroid hurtling towards the sun. But a solar flare struck the ship, disabling its navigation systems and propulsion.

Cracker Bomb LaunchEdit

Alan and Kayo managed to fix it before they can crash into the sun and land inside the asteroid with a low fuel supply. They manage to launch form the asteroid with the help of a cracker bomb combined with Thunderbird 3's engines.


Thunderbird 3 was used to rescue CRUS when its rotors get disabled. Alan used his ship's grapple arms to lower the station down to Earth but the rotors broke off and a piece of metal damaged one of Thunderbird 3's engines, forcing Alan to break off.

Falling SkiesEdit

Hotel EvacuationEdit

Alan, Kayo and Scott took Thunderbird 3 to rescue the Estrella Grand Space Hotel which was sabotaged by the Hood with Scott in Thunderbird 3's pod. Alan and Kayo docked with the hotel to evacuate the guests, including Lady Penelope and Parker.

High Altitude Hand OffEdit

Alan and Scott transferred the guests from Thunderbird 3's cargo bay into Thunderbird 2's pod bay then went back to the hotel to check on Kayo. Kayo confronted the Hood who escaped, and she used the pod to escape the hotel before it exploded.


Alan and Scott took Thunderbird 3 to the moon to rescue Captain Lee Taylor from a meteor shower. Scott jumped from Thunderbird 3 over Shadow Alpha base. After helping Taylor defend the base against the meteors with its laser cannons, Scott told John to transmit new landing coordinates for Alan to rendezvous with him and Taylor outside the meteor strike zone. As the lunar transport approaches Thunderbird 3 which landed, one of the meteors was about to crash into it but Scott and Taylor ejected from the buggy into the cargo hold and launched before the rock hit the ship.


When returning from a mission with Thunderbirds 1 and 2, the Tracys decide to race home. Alan in Thunderbird 3 landed first, later Alan went on another mission with Gordon.

Comet ChasersEdit

Alan and Scott took Thunderbird 3 to Halley’s Comet to rescue Francois Lemaire and his wife. Scott took the Rescue Pod and docked with Lemaire's ship, the Solar Wind, but the ship crashes onto the comet. Alan lands on the comet, anchoring Thunderbird 3 to the surface with its nosecone drill. When Francois gets knocked off the comets, Alan rescues him with his hoverboard. When they left the comet, one of its fragments broke two of Thunderbird 3’s engines, making a 36 hour trip back home.


Alan launched Thunderbird 3 to disable the engines of a malfunctioning 2-man shuttle and tow it back into orbit. When he arrived, he found an explosive device planted on the hull of the shuttle by the Hood as part of his plan to infiltrate Tracy Island. Alan later regained control of Thunderbird 3 and returned to Tracy Island.

Ghost ShipEdit

Alan launches in Thunderbird 3 towards the derelict generation ship, EDEN to try and locate John who lost contact with Tracy Island while on a simple rescue. When the bots on board EDEN start to tear the ship apart, Alan tries to bring in Thunderbird 3 however the ship is too big to get within range. By using the Exopod, John, Alan, O'Bannon and the two space pirates escape the generation ship for the safety of Thunderbird 3 as the large craft explodes.

Deep SearchEdit

An incident on Jupiter's moon Europa has Alan and Gordon flying out into deep space with Thunderbird 4 stashed on board Thunderbird 3 to rescue Buddy and Ellie Pendergast. Upon landing they discover that the Pendergasts are deep within the moon's ice layer with a modified Thunderbird 4 they go beneath the ice to recover them.


Using Thunderbird 3, Alan tries to navigate the Helix transporter through the asteroid belt using the thrusters from the craft. When the Helix begins descent into Mars's orbit, Alan uses Thunderbird 3's heat shield to protect the transporter as it crash-lands on the surface of the planet.

Up from the Depths: Part 2Edit

Thunderbird 3 gets a modification that allows Alan to control the arms of MAX while out in deep space and uses this new upgrade to distract the Mechanic while Scott rescues Ned Tedford from the vault which is in the clutches of the Mechanic's craft.

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