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As the smallest, and most-specialized, of the International Rescue fleet, Thunderbird 4 must be transported to danger zones via one of Thunderbird 2's cargo pods - usually in Pod 4. TB4 is physically launched utilizing Pod 4's custom-fitted sliding ramp and magnetic-clamp craft-retrieval systems.

At launch stations, the six pods slide underneath TB2. Once Pod 4 is in position, pilot Virgil Tracy carefully settles the massive green cargo-carrier down upon it and then clamps it tight. During the flight from Tracy Island, Virgil's aquanaut-brother Gordon transfers from TB2's cockpit (where he serves as Virgil's co-pilot) to his own yellow mini-sub in Pod 4...

At the danger zone, Pod 4 is dropped onto the water. Gordon then opens the pod door, extends the sliding ramp, and launches TB4 into the sea...

When the rescue is over, the ramp-rail is further extended into the water beyond the pod door, whereupon TB4 maneuvers to face forward just above it. Lowering itself on to the rail, TB4 is then clamped in position and the rail retracts onto the ramp and back inside Pod 4.

Inland Rescues: Launching From Dry LandEdit

Not all of TB4's rescue scenarios involved the sea: in Desperate Intruder, TB2 landed near the shoreline of Lake Anasta. Raising itself to free Pod 4 for operation, Gordon launched into the lake in search of the missing Brains...

And in Attack of the Alligators! TB2 settled Pod 4 onto the surface of the murky Ambro River. Gordon then took TB4 below the surface to seek out a scientist's missing phial of the priceless compound Theramine...

Extreme Options: Emergency LaunchEdit


In Terror in New York City, TB2 was incapacitated when it was accidently shot down by missiles. But TB4 was still required for the rescue - and needed another way to get there in time. To meet up at sea with the World Navy ship that would transport him instead, Gordon used TB4's emergency- launch procedure - directly from Tracy Island itself. Using four vertical-thrust hover jets, the craft emerged from Pod 4 and passed through to the main hangar, turning right towards the doors. A small door in the cliff-face opened for TB4 to proceed at speed down the island's runway, whose pier lowered to allow direct access to the ocean.

Thunderbirds Are Go (2015)Edit

Of all the launch sequences in the new show, Thunderbird 4's is probably the most 'identical' to its original counterpart, and yet it's been modernized. For example, the pod (or module, as it's now known) is much wider than it's original counterpart, and we actually see TB4 being lifted up into deployment angle (in the original show, we only saw the slide sliding out into the sea).

The door opens, TB4 is lifted into the deployment angle, the slide slides out into the sea, the engines extend and ignite, and TB4 slides down the slide into the sea. Intriguingly, there's never actually any footage of TB4 going into the sea; instead, there's a few shots above the sea of TB4 deploying, we hear the inevitable splash, and then a shot in the sea.