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This is a list of all the missions Thunderbird 4 took part/appeared in and the equipment it used.


Ring of Fire: Part 1Edit

Like the rest of the fleet, Thunderbird 4 debuted in Ring Of Fire: Part 1. It was taken to the scene of a major seaquake which caused Sealab I to collapse near an undersea cliff. Thunderbird 2, and later Thunderbird 1, used their electromagnetic clamps to hold up Sealab, while Gordon Tracy in Thunderbird 4 saved the crew. Gordon broke into Sealab using the Robotic Arms, and took the crew of three into Thunderbird 4 one by one, where upon the first two were taken to the surface via the Dry Tubes.

Under PressureEdit

In Under Pressure, Thunderbird 4 was required to stop a heavy metal extraction platform belonging to Hydrexla from spilling its toxic cargo. It cut off the control section containing Ned Tedford and his flower, Gladys and swung it towards Thunderbird 2's grappling hook. Thunderbird 4 then cut the trailer carrying the toxic tanks free before it the platform's front section fell over the cliff taking Thunderbird 4 along with it. Gordon then lifted his craft out of the abyss by hand.

Heavy MetalEdit

In Heavy Metal, Thunderbird 4 was used in an unconventional manner to disable a Hadron Collider that was generating an intense gravity well above it; needing to disable the collider directly, Brains concluded that Thunderbird 4 was the only craft capable of getting close enough to do so without being destroyed itself, as it had been designed to cope with extreme underwater pressure. Dangling from a cable attached to the interior of Pod 4, Gordon was lowered onto the collider and destroyed it with Thunderbird 4's torpedoes.

Falling SkiesEdit

Thunderbird 4 was then seen in Falling Skies when Thunderbird 2 picked it up, so Gordon can help save the guests on board the Estrella Grand Space Hotel.

Heist SocietyEdit

In Heist Society, Thunderbird 4 was used to cut a tunnel section containing a train with Professor Moffat on board while FAB 1 went after the Hood whole stole Moffat's Centurium 21. Gordon then hooked a grapple cable from Thunderbird 1 onto the hull of the Hood's sub so Scott can hoist it out of the water.


In Extraction, Gordon navigated Thunderbird 4 through a series of underwater tunnels to reach Aidan and Robert Williams who are trapped under a hydro-methane extraction platform. After rescuing the boy and his injured father, Gordon managed to get back to Module 4 before the caves collapsed.


In Legacy, Thunderbird 4 launched from Tracy Island towards Saipan where John believed a submersible has sunk in a trench there. Gordon then found an explosive device planted by The Hood before he operated Thunderbird 4 remotely. When the Tracys returned to Tracy Island, Virgil picked up Thunderbird 4.

Deep SearchEdit

In Deep Search, Thunderbird 4 is transferred to the danger zone in Thunderbird 3 for a change, as it is needed on Jupiter's ice moon Europa to rescue Ellie and Buddy Pendergast who have fallen through the ice and into the expanse of ocean under the surface. Due to the conditions on Europa, Thunderbird 4 is given various modifications to cope with the extreme cold, included a 'Heatbank' on its front to bore down to the water under the miles-thick ice, and additional engines/ski treads to help it cope with the currents.

City Under The SeaEdit

When the the Sullivan family go off the standard tour with a rental sub to check out the undersea ruins caused by global warming, they become stuck when some of the ruins fall on top of their craft. Thunderbird 4 with Kayo and Gordon on board go down to try to free the family and stumble upon the Mechanic who takes chase of Thunderbird 4 and after thinking he had destroyed the craft goes back to searching the ruins for files in relation to Parkmoor scrubs prison. This is the first episode that Thunderbird 4 has been piloted by someone other than Gordon.

Up from the Depths: Part 1Edit

When a survey submarine discovers the remnants of the TV-21- essentially the prototype of Thunderbird 1- International Rescue are dispatched to rescue it after the submarine suffers unspecified damage. After Thunderbird 4 confirms the presence of the TV-21, Gordon attempts to rescue the crew, but the Hood's new henchman the Mechanic subsequently takes control of the submarine and captures Thunderbird 4, which is crushed in the submarine's arms, although Gordon manages to escape the crush in a new Deep Water Exo-Suit and come up with a new rescue strategy.

Up from the Depths: Part 2Edit

Thunderbird 4 has been retrieved from the Mariana Trench in two halves and is reconstructed inside pod hangar 3 in Thunderbird 2's launch bay

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