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Thunderbird 5 2004 movie version

Thunderbird 5 as it appears in the 2004 movie.


Thunderbird 5 explodes after a direct hit from The Hood's missile.

Thunderbird 5 was the monitoring satellite belonging to the 'Thunderbirds' rescue organisation. Manned by John Tracy, Thunderbird 5 was usually the first to hear of any global disasters, and John often used the station to keep an eye on events that could develop into an emergency.

Thunderbird 5 was destroyed when The Hood and his goons launched a missile at it. It was part of a bigger plan to lure the Thunderbirds away from Tracy Island so that they could take it.

Technical DataEdit

Armaments: multi-barrelled cannon
Crew: Usually 1, but can support up to 5
Diameter: 75 metres (246 feet)
Engines: 1 booster rocket (to lift Thunderbird 5 to a higher orbit); 32 attitude-control rockets (for minor position adjustments)
Height (including scanning arrays): 69 metres (226 feet)
Length (including docking port): 108 metres (354 feet)
Orbit: geostationary orbit 35,790 km (22,226 miles) above the Pacific Ocean
Power source: Hackenbacker series 300 fusion reactor
Weight: 869 tons

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