Thunderbird 6 is a humongous silver and blue Space Station/Terminal constructed by IRO. Permanently positioned in L-5 orbit above Earth, the Station serves as both IRO's Emergency Alert Communications Centre, and The Federation's front line to the planet.

With a length of over 15km, Thunderbird 6 is far and away the largest Thunderbird craft, housing hundreds of pilots and scientists who work in shift around the clock in the multiple research centres, laboratories and docking bays. Atop the Station is IRO's Rescue Operations Control Centre, which can monitor and send signals across the entire planet and even to the farthest reaches of space. The crew work tirelessly to pin-point rescue situations and potential solutions before beaming all their findings to Warren Simpson at Arcology.

Thunderbird 6 is also home to another craft, Thunderbird 17, which serves as IRO's Long-Range Space-Probe.


  • Length: 49,212 feet


Thunderbird 6 appeared in nine episodes: FirefallComputer Madness, Sunburn, Shockwave, Guardian, Crusader, Stardive, Mindmeld and UFO. The Thunderbird team also made a brief off-screen visit to the Station in Trial.