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Thunderbird 6 was the name given to a vintage Tiger Moth biplane featured in the movie Thunderbird 6.

On its first and only rescue mission, the vehicle was piloted by Brains, and, later on, by Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward.


One day, Jeff Tracy tells Brains that he wants him to design a sixth rescue vehicle for the International Rescue organization but gives him no specifications to work to. Brains gets to work, and submits at least three different designs. All of them are rejected.
Meanwhile, Skyship One gets into trouble when a gun battle breaks out in its engine room, damaging the Gravity Compensator. It ends up smashing into the top of a radio tower, where it gets stuck, balanced precariously. The only way to save those on board is by landing the Tiger Moth on its roof.
Soon after, the International Rescue team is back on Tracy Island, where Brains announces that he is going to reveal Thunderbird 6 to them, "built, tested, and approved". This puzzles Jeff, since he never approved a design, let alone ordered its construction. However, when Brains' new Thunderbird turns out to be the little Tiger Moth biplane, he agrees it is a worthy addition to the fleet.

The Tiger Moth biplaneEdit

It started out as private aircraft for Alan. After the completion of the revolutionary Skyship One in England, Alan, Tin-Tin, Penelope and Parker were booked for its maiden flight. Alan decided to use the Tiger Moth as an unconventional way to fly to England. Tin-Tin wanted to go with Alan but Jeff told her that spending two weeks in a small biplane was no way for a young lady to travel in this day and age.


The Tiger Moth before it became Thunderbird 6.

Later that day, Alan left the island in the plane. Just a few minutes after the takeoff, Brains found a letter left by Tin-Tin in his lab saying that she stowed away on board the Tiger Moth with Alan. Two weeks later in England, Penelope and Parker in FAB 1 were escorted to New World Aircraft Corporation by the Tiger Moth and Thunderbird 1 and Thunderbird 2.


  • This is the only Thunderbird to appear in only one movie or episode. In spite of this, it had more pilots than any other Thunderbird, with Alan, Tin-Tin, Brains and Lady Penelope all taking turns at the controls.

    The radio-controlled model

  • Altogether, four different-size versions were used in the making of the film:
    • A miniature version, used for example when Thunderbird 6 lands on the roof of Skyship One.
    • Six radio-controlled versions, seen flying over the "fake" M1 Motorway. These was flown by Eric Faulkner.
    • A puppet-size version, used in the close-ups.
    • A life-size version, used in a lot of the stunt-flying scenes. It was piloted by Joan Hughes MBE.

The puppet-size model in "The Secret Service"

  • The miniature and puppet-size models later also appeared in More Haste Less Speed, the final episode of Gerry Anderson's last Supermarionation series, "The Secret Service" (1969).
  • Thunderbird 6 is carried in Pod 5.

Rejected DesignsEdit


Thunderbirds 2086Edit

In Thunderbirds 2086, Thunderbird 6 is an orbiting satellite, much like Thunderbird 5 in the original series.

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