Thunderbirds: Volume 5

David Lane
David Elliott
Desmond Saunders
Alan Pattillo


Alan Fennell
Dennis Spooner
Donald Robertson
Alan Pattillo


Carlton International


2001, 2004


197 Mins

Thunderbirds: Volume 5 is a DVD featuring four episodes of the Thunderbirds television series. It was first released by Carlton International in 2001.

Episodes (UK)Edit

  1. The Man From MI.5
  2. Cry Wolf
  3. Danger At Ocean Deep
  4. Move - And You're Dead

Episodes (Australia)Edit

  1. 30 Minutes To Noon
  2. Martian Invasion
  3. Cry Wolf
  4. Man From MI5

Bonus Features (UK)Edit

  • FAB Factfile: Century 21 Records and Mini-Albums
  • Making of Thunderbirds Featurette
  • Original Brochure Artwork
  • DVD-Rom: Thunderbird 3 Cross Section


  • The cover of the first Australian version erroneously gives the title of the first episode as 30 Minutes to Noon. This isn't the first time said episode has been mislabeled, for the VHS released by Festival in 1990 titled it 30 Minutes Afternoon.
    • This trend continued when the DVD was reissued in 2010 with a new cover. Rather than fix the To Noon error, the title was changed to 30 Minutes To The Moon.
      • Additionally, both editions give an incorrect plot, mashing features of 30 Minutes After Noon and Edge Of Impact together.
        "A fighter jet crashes into a room of plutonium with an explosive device strapped to his wrist and it's International Rescue's mission to halt the world's biggest bomb blast!"

Gallery (UK)Edit

Gallery (Australia)Edit

Gallery (International)Edit

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