Thunderbirds: Volume 6

David Elliott
David Lane


Martin Crump
Alan Fennell
Alan Pattillo


Carlton International


2001, 2004


197 Mins

Thunderbirds: Volume 6 is a DVD featuring four episodes of the Thunderbirds television series. It was first released by Carlton International in 2001.

Episodes (UK version)Edit

  1. The Duchess Assignment
  2. Brink Of Disaster
  3. Attack of the Alligators!
  4. Martian Invasion

Episodes (Australian version)Edit

  1. Danger At Ocean Deep
  2. The Duchess Assignment
  3. Atlantic Inferno
  4. Alias Mr. Hackenbacker


  • The front cover of the 2001 Australian version misspells the last episode Alias Mr. Hackenbecker. The 2010 reissue corrected the problem by removing all episode titles from the cover.

Bonus Features (UK)Edit

  • FAB Factfile: TV Century 21 Comics
  • Zoom: Lyons Maid TV Adverts
  • Original Brochure Artwork
  • DVD-Rom: Thunderbird 4 Cross Section

Bonus Features (AU)Edit

  • Character Profiles
  • FAB Factfile
  • Character Featurette
  • "Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know" Feature

Gallery (UK)Edit

Gallery (Australia)Edit

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