No. 1
Written by John Theydon
Calling Thunderbirds

Thunderbirds (later retitled as "1") is the premier paperback novel released by Armada Books in 1966. The novel was written by John Theydon (pseudonym of John W. Jennison) and features a new adventure starring International Rescue's family of heroes.


1966 Armada Books editionEdit

You have seen it on television - International Rescue, a team of brave men, based on a Pacific Island, equipped with fantastic vehicles way ahead of their time.

Jeff Tracy, millionare ex-American astronaut, heads the team of five sons and 'Brains.' There is a villain, of course - The Hood, that master of disguises - and the six-wheeled Rolls Royce owned by aristocratic Lady Penelope, chauffeured by Cockney "Nosey" Parker.

They all appear in this exciting story of Thunderbirds, TV's most compelling programme.


Scott Tracy and the Hood must form an uneasy alliance to overpower an incredible parasitic invader from outer space before it can dominate the planet Earth.

Chapter Titles Edit

  1. Mystery Satellite
  2. Strange S.O.S.
  3. Desert Search
  4. Dangerous Encounter
  5. The Invaders
  6. Calling Lady Penelope
  7. Stop Scott Tracy!
  8. The Hunt
  9. The Capture
  10. The Hood Strikes
  11. Brain Probe



1989 reissue

  • The 1966 Armada Books edition contains a number of subtitled illustrations by Peter Archer interspersed throughout the novel.

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