Some of the surviving puppets.
L-R: Unknown, Virgil, Lady Penelope, Jeff, Unknown

Thunderbirds was a stage show produced by Stage 3, a theatre company consisting of Rowena White, Christine Glanville, and David Ross. It launched at the Chancellor Hall, Chelmsford, on the 15th of April in 1974 to a huge audience.

The Thunderbirds cast were rod-puppets, sculpted by Christine Glanville, who had previously made other chracters from the TV version. The costumes were made by Rowena White.



Thunderbirds consisted of three, fifteen minute long episodes, all combined into the one stage show.

All three episodes were written by Rowena White.

  1. Lady Penelope Breaks A Record
  2. Patterns Of Fear
  3. Destination Earth


After it's première at Chelmsford, Thunderbirds moved to Woodville Hall, Gravesend, where it kept up its massive audience. However, disaster struck in Bournemouth, where audience levels dropped surprisingly. The run was cancelled after four weeks. Performances in Bedworth, Nantwich and Gloucester gained popularity and it seemed like Thunderbirds had bounced back, but word quickly spread about the Bournemouth flop and bookings stopped.

Thunderbirds ended April 1975 at Gloucester Leisure Centre, after a years tour.