This is a list of all the Goofs seen in episodes of Thunderbirds, including: Continuity errors, factual errors, plot errors, visible errors, audio errors and on-screen errors.

Across The Whole ShowEdit

  • Through the film, whenever part of a wheeled vehicle lifts off the ground, the wheels stop moving instantly. In real life, the wheels would continue to turn at much the same rate, showing that these are unpowered models being pulled along.
  • When Thunderbird 1 prepares for take-off, it moves down a ramp and the launch site is seen at the end. It then cuts to a shot of it moving down the ramp, and then of it arriving at the site. The Thunderbird has suddenly rotated 90 degrees between shots. This error is explained (although never seen on screen) that there is a turntable on the trolley and that Thunderbird 1 is often rotated 90 degrees before take off so that the exit hatch is facing a retractable emergency exit gangway in the launch bay in case of emergencies.
  • Whenever we see all the pods moving underneath Thunderbird 2 as Virgil selects the appropriate one for the mission, there's not enough space between them to allow Thunderbird 2 (with its wings) to descend on the selected pod. This error is explained (although never seen on screen) that the pod conveyer belt is made up of more than one piece and that once the selected pod is beneath Thunderbird 2, the other pods can be moved away to either side.

  • Every time Thunderbird 3 is used during a mission, members of the Tracy family enter it by being lowered on the settee onto a mini rail system which takes them to Thunderbird 3's hangar before a pole raises the settee into the ship. However, during the initial descent, there is usually an empty settee that passes behind the descending one carrying the impending Thunderbird 3 crew, to fill in the resulting hole in the floor. If the ascending one passes behind the descending one then there is no way that it could fill that hole as it would be too far back. This error is explained (although never seen on screen) by the use of a replacement couch positioning arm, that moves the replacement couch across onto the original lift pole. This process is reversed when they return from Thunderbird 3.

Trapped In The SkyEdit

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