All through the 20th Century and 21st Century, many Thunderbirds Toys were released by different companies. The primary line of figures and vehicles was headed by Carlton in 2000. Vivid Imaginations acquired the license to produce Thunderbirds toys in 1999.

Carlton Toys (2000)Edit

  • Soundtech Tracy Island (Does not include vehicles)
  • Thunderbirds Soundtech Super Set (To go with the Tracy Island)
  • Soundtech Thunderbird 5

Matchbox (1992)Edit

  • Tracy Island Electronic Playset (Doesn't include vehicles)
  • Super Action Vehicle Rescue Pack (For Tracy Island)
  • Jeff Tracy, with Rescue Schedule Action Figure
  • Scott Tracy, with Thunder Stun Action Figure
  • Virgil Tracy, with Thunder Visor Action Figure
  • Alan Tracy, with Astro Tanks Action Figure
  • Gordon Tracy, with Stun Gun Action Figure
  • John Tracy, with Space Intercom Action Figure
  • Brains, with 'Hiramaster' Computer Action Figure
  • Lady Penelope, with Travel Bag Action Figure
  • Parker, with Parker's Bag Action Figure
  • The Hood, with Sword Action Figure
  • Scott Tracy 10" Doll
  • Alan Tracy 10" Doll
  • Virgil Tracy 10" Doll
  • Electric Thunderbird 1
  • Pull Back Action Figures

Vivid ImaginationsEdit

  • Powertech Tracy Island (With Vehicles)

Talking Action FiguresEdit

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