After the Thunderbirds 2004 Movie, a number of toys from the movie were released by different toy manufacturers.

No BrandEdit

  • DX Tracy Island (With Vehicles)
DX Tracy Island
  • DVD and Toy Gift Set
DVD and Toy Gift Pack
  • Movie Trading Cards
Movie Trading Cards
  • Child's Backpack
Child's Backpack
  • Mission Control Colouring and Activity Book
Colouring and Activity Book
  • Thunderbird 4 Pool Toy
Thunderbird 4 Pool Toy
  • Movie Book Sets 1-3
Story Book 3
Story Book 2
Story Book 1
  • The Hood's Submarine Sounds and Lights
Hood's Sub
  • Action Figure Set
Action Figure Set
  • Diecast Vehicles
Diecast Models
  • R/C Thunderbird 2

Takara Toys Edit

  • Choro Q Set
Choro Q Set
  • Micro World Thunderbirds Movie Vehicles
Micro World Movie Vehicles
  • Movie Vehicle Collection
Movie Vehicle Collection

Bandai Edit

  • Thunderbird 2 Snap Kit
Snap TB 2
  • Thunderbird 3 Snap Kit
Snap TB 3
  • Capsule Toy Set
Capsule Set

Columbia Telecom Edit

  • IR Wrist Communicators
Wrist Communicators

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