Thunderbirds Annual 1972

Last of original Thunderbirds annuals.

By Christmas 1971, interest in Thunderbirds had sadly started to decline hence very few were printed in comparison with previous issues, making this annual the most sought after by collectors.

Ownership of the copyright had moved to Polystyle, who returned the format through-out, to a complete Thunderbirds theme. The annual was also smaller in pagination with only sixty-two pages compered to ninety-four in pervious years.

A slight difference also was, the introduction of Lady Penelope, who along with Parker, featured in a novel titled "Ordeal for Parker", and a comic strip titled "Parker".


  • Thunderbirds (Comic strip)
  • Apollo 13 (Real news story)
  • Parker (Comic strip)
  • Doom Wave (Comic strip)
  • Zero X (Comic strip)
  • Buried Alive (Real news story(
  • What is It? (Quiz game)
  • The Law Breakers (Comic strip)
  • Ordeal for Parker (Novel)

Additional infoEdit

  • Country of Publ.: United Kingdom
  • Dimensions: 280mm x 205mm
  • Format: Hardback
  • Illustrator: Eric Eden
  • Pagination: 62 pages
  • Publ. Date: Late 1971
  • Publisher: Polystlyle Publications Ltd, London
  • Printer: Purnell and Sons Ltd, Bristol
  • Distributor: The Argus Press Ltd London
  • SBN: 85096 019 3
  • Retail Price: 50p


  • Very rarely do these annuals appear for sale, and when they do, can fetch as much as £100 for a mint condition copy.

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