Annnual 1966


Annual 1966 back


The first Thunderbirds Annual was released for sale in late 1965, and was a massive success.

Still coincided to the best on of the series mainly because of the detailed cut-away cross sections, it contained, and was on many a boys Christmas list.


Additional infoEdit

  • Country of Publ.: United Kingdom
  • Dimensions: 300mm x 210mm
  • Format: Hardback
  • Illustrator: Eric Eden
  • Pagination: 94 pages
  • Publ. Date: Late 1965
  • Publisher: City Magazines Ltd (UK)
  • Distributor A.P Films (Merchandising) Ltd
  • Retail Price: 10/6 (Ten shillings and six pence)

The Cross-SectionsEdit



  • The annual was released for sale in late 1965, but the copyright was given as 1966, which must have been a printing error.
  • Usually a first edition book is the most valuable, but in this case, massive production has kept the value down, a good condition copy can still only fetch £5 when sold.

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