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The 2nd Thunderbirds Annual was released late into 1966, to maximise Christmas sales. The annual carried on in the same format as the previous year and again was a great success.


  • Terror beneath the waves (Comic strip)
  • Secrets of Tracy Island (Cut-away drawing)
  • Tunderscope (Creative play)
  • River of destruction (Comic strip)
  • Firefly (Cross section)
  • Terror Mountain (Novel)
  • Thunderbird 1 Launch bay (Cut-away)
  • Five Funny Fings (Cartoons)
  • Check on International Rescue (Quiz)
  • Disaster at Deriba (Comic strip)
  • Break For Laughs (Funny cartoons)
  • 97 Toiled To Save A Single Live (Real news story)
  • Mooncrack (Novel)
  • Dive to danger (Comic strip)
  • Board Game
  • Thunderbird 2 Launch Bay (Cut-away)
  • Collision Orbit (Novel)
  • The Trap (Comic strip)
  • The Hood Public Enemy No.1 (Profile)
  • The Mole (Cut-away)
  • Bridge of fear (Comic strip)
  • Emergency Red Alert (Space feature)
  • The Cloud of death (Comic strip)
  • Fun Fare (Funny cartoons)
  • Observation Test (grid game)
  • Dead Man's Rescue (Novel)
  • Thunderbird 3 Launch Bay (Cut-away)
  • Fight for survival (Comic strip)

Additional infoEdit

  • Country of Publ.: United Kingdom
  • Dimensions: 300mm x 210mm
  • Format: Hardback
  • Illustrator: Eric Eden
  • Pagination: 94 pages
  • Print: Jarrold & Sons Ltd Norwich, England
  • Publ. Date: Late 1966
  • Publisher: Century 21 Publishing Ltd
  • Distributor City Magazines Ltd
  • Retail Price: 10/6

Cut-away Cross SectionsEdit

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