Thunderbirds Annual 1971
Thunderbirds Annual 1971 (back)

Back cover

After the poor sales of the Thunderbirds/Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons annual of 1970, City Magazines published the Thunderbirds 1971 annual the following year.

The annual in fact still had Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons stories as well as other non Anderson contents including Football, Secret Agent 21 and a cartoon strip based on Department S.

At the end of the novel "The Crab", Thunderbird 4 was featured with black and white cut-away, this in fact was a reprint that had previously been seen in the 1966 annual.


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Additional infoEdit

  • Country of Publ.: United Kingdom
  • Dimensions: 265mm x 210mm
  • Format: Hardback
  • Illustrator: Eric Eden
  • Pagination: 94 pages
  • Publ. Date: Late 1970
  • Publisher: City Magazines Ltd (UK)
  • Distributor: City Magazines
  • SBN: 7235 0092 4
  • Retail Price: 12/6 (Twelve shillings and six pence) or 62 New Pence.


  • This is the first Thunderbirds annual that had the date printed on the cover, and confirmed that the copyright date is the same, unlike tradition, the 1971 annual should of had a copyright date of 1970, as annuals are always released in time for the Christmas sales.

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