To coincide with the new series, a Thunderbirds Are Go! Toy Range is scheduled for release. The primary line of figures and vehicles will be headed by Vivid Imaginations, a company who first acquired the license to produce Thunderbirds toys in 1999.

Wave 1Edit

4 Inch Action FiguresEdit

Basic Size VehiclesEdit

Thunderbirds are Go 4 Peice Pack

Supersize VehiclesEdit

  • Thunderbird 2 & 4
Supersize Thunderbirds are Go Thunderbird 2

Wave 2Edit


Tracy Island Playset


  • Scott Tracy International Rescue Uniform
Scott Uniform

Wave 3Edit

Tomica Die-Cast ModelsEdit

  • Thunderbird 1 Model
  • Thunderbird 2 Model
  • Thunderbird 3 Model
  • Thunderbird 4 Model
  • Thunderbird 5 Model
  • Thunderbird S Model
  • The Mole
  • Fab 1

Thunderbirds Rescue GameEdit

Takra Tommy Thunderbirds Board Game

Exclusive ItemsEdit

  • A limited edition PlayStation 4 was offered by Roadshow Entertainment in Australia as a prize during June-July 2015. Bizarrely, it featured a Thunderbird 2 skin, instead of the perhaps more appropriate Thunderbird 4.


  • Although initially slated for July 2015, the first wave of toys made their world debut at selected Australian retailers in late May.

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