Thunderbirds Are Go! Season 3
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March, 2018
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Thunderbirds Are Go! Season 3 is the third television series of the 2015 remake, which will be aired in the spring of 2018.

Early on in the show's production, head writer Rob Hoegee made clear that Jeff Tracy would not be appearing in the first two seasons. It's a widely believed possibility that he may return season 3 or later.

It was announced that a third season had been commissioned on May 5th, 2016, which would continue the previous format: 26 episodes of 22 minutes.

Voice recording began in December 2016 and continued as late as April 2017.

On January 5 2017, Rob Hoegee mentioned on Twitter that some "epic" two-parter stories were in the works for season 3.

On the 15th of February, Richard Dinnick announced he was writing as episode for season 3 on Twitter and his blog.

By October 1, 2017, Nick Foster confirmed on Twitter that season 3 had entered the scoring stage of production, indicating that some episodes had finished production at Pukeko Pictures and CGCC.

Upon the airing of Brains vs. Brawn, it was announced that season 3 would premiere in March 2018.