Continuing Thunderbirds the comic issues 31 - 60.

For issues 1 - 30

Main article: Thunderbirds The Comic

Issue Number 31Edit

  • Date Published: 12th December 1992
  • Comic Strip (35): Brink Of Disaster , part 2.
  • Comic Strip (36): City Of Doom , part 1.
  • Comic Strip (29): Mr. Steelman (Lady Penelope Meets Parker) , part 8.
  • Comic Strip (33): The Time Machine , part 5.

Thunderbirds Are Go MagazineEdit

"Thunderbird Are Go" Magazine, 1st issue 13th May 1995. This only lasted for 8 issues before being scrapped. Several specials were issued, including Poster magazines (9 issues), two Holiday Specials.

Other Language IssuesEdit

In 1994 the Dutch company "Semic Junior Press" published the Magazine in Dutch; this lasted for 18 issues. Two issues were also released in Finnish.

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