We're always looking for extra helpers to add information, upload images, give feedback or just hang around!

Here's a list of things you can help with:

  • Who's Who: Even after asking Ian Wingrove, Peter Hitchcock, Mike Trim, Terry Curtis, and Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons sound editor Tony Roper if they recognise anyone in the numbered pic, there are quite a number of people remaining. You can help by sending David Lane, Peter Aston, and Alan Perry (ideally using the most up-to-date address provided in the Companies House links at the bottom of their pages) a letter in the post about it in addition to a copy of the numbered pic so they can 'identify' people. Remember: you don't ask, you never find out!
  • Images: We have had a history of poorly formatted and bad quality images. If you ever come across a bad image, just add it to either Category:Needs Cropping or Category:Needs Re-uploading. If the image needs both, please just add it to Needs Re-uploading. If you happen to own a re-mastered edition of Thunderbirds, you can crop or re-upload a higher quality version of the image yourself! Just remember to then remove the category after you're done.
  • Cleaning up redirects: We've also had a bad history of editors who create endless redirects when they rename pages. Sure, there's nothing wrong with redirects, but there comes a point where the page will stop redirecting and just show a page with an arrow pointing to a link. That's never good! You can help out by changing the destination of the first redirect to the destination (the last one) page, so the redirect will function properly.
  • Post unused images: If you go to Special:Unusedimages, you'll see a list of all images that are uploaded to our wiki that aren't currently used. If they are substandard, you can mark them for re-upload (see above), but if they're a good quality image that's just been forgotten about, add the image to any page where it belongs!
  • Report: While hanging around in Unusedimages, you'll probably come across images which are duplicates or beyond repair (i.e. the image is unnecessary and has been abandoned deliberately). You can mark them for deletion by either adding a {{delete}} or {{speedydelete}} tag to the image's description. An admin will delete the image ASAP. This method works for pages, too.
  • Clean up links: If you want to feel really useful without putting much effort in, you can keep an eye on Special:Allpages. Any page that's listed in italics (just like this) is a redirect page. You can go to the page, make sure you're not redirected somewhere else (you can rectify the redirect by clicking on the "redirected from ..." link at the top of the page), and check out what links to that page. This is usually located on the toolbar at the bottom of the page, under the "My Tools" section. Change all the links pointing to the redirect to the destination page (explained under Cleaning up Redirects) and then mark the original page for deletion.
  • Give Feedback: If you spot something that looks out of place on a page, but the page is either locked or you don't feel comfortable editing it, you can always leave a message on the article's talk page. If the error in question is regarding the wiki's layout, please contact Guyus24. He manages the layout and will try to fix it. Please be as specific as you can with the error, like where you saw it, what page you were on at the time, and what internet browser you are using.
  • And, lastly: Don't be afraid to join the chat! Although we don't have edits 24/7, a lot of users still check the wiki frequently. If we see someone on chat, we won't be afraid of joining in too!

Useful links: Admin list, FAQ, Image List, Recent Wiki Changes.