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Thunderbirds (TV Series)Edit


The Thunderizer.

The Thunderizer is a small rescue equipment vehicle.

It is utilised to distribute rescue packages to those trapped in tall areas, such as burning buildings or crippled towers. It is similiar in design to the Laser Cutter Vehicle, and thus has the same amount of mobility.

The Thunderizer's frontal cannon (called the "booster mortar") is what mainly differentiates it from the Laser Cutter Vehicle. It can launch rescue packages as well as fire explosive shells.

Thunderbirds (2004 Movie)Edit


The Thunderizer

The Thunderizer still operates on caterpillar tracks used for rough terrain, however, it is yellow and red rather than green, gray and red.

Instead of a booster mortar cannon to fire rescue cases, it has a barrel that fires charged particles at obstructions to rescue people. The barrel doesn't affect organic matter when it fires and can rotate 360 degrees.

Technical Data (Thunderbirds TV)Edit

Booster Mortar Firing Range: 1,000 feet
Height: 7.25 feet
Length: 14 feet
Top Speed: 40 mph
Width: 1.6764 meters



The Thunderizer firing a rescue pack.

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