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Tin-Tin Kyrano is the daughter of Kyrano, the Tracy family's loyal manservant, and the half-niece of International Rescue's arch-enemy, The Hood. She is also the love interest of Alan Tracy.

She completed her education at one of America's finest universities, and enjoyed a tour around Europe. She was amongst the passengers aboard Fireflash, outbound from London, en route to joining her father on Tracy Island. But the aircraft was found to have been sabotaged: it could not land, without setting off a powerful bomb placed within it. This resulted in the first mission for International Rescue (Trapped in the Sky).

She was sculpted by Christine Glanville, and voiced by Christine Finn.

Tin-Tin's appearance and facial features may have been based on Jacqueline Kennedy, the former American First Lady at the time. Some of Tin-Tin's outfits resemble hers.

Her name is the Malaysian word for "sweet".

On Tracy Island, Tin-Tin assists Brains; on occasion, she also accompanies Virgil and Alan on rescue missions aboard Thunderbirds 2 and 3, respectively.

18 sunprobe

Tin-Tin aboard Thunderbird 3


16 tin tin

Tin-Tin in the very first episode
(Trapped in the Sky)

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Tin-Tin appears in every episode except Pit of Peril and Lord Parker's 'Oliday. She also appears in the movies Thunderbirds Are Go, and Thunderbird 6.

Missions and AdventuresEdit


Tin-Tin in Brink of Disaster

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4tin tin

One of Tin-Tin's many outfits

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  • Tanusha Kyrano is a character appearing in the Thunderbirds Are Go! TV series. She is loosely based on Tin-Tin.

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