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Tin-Tin appears in every episode except Pit of Peril and Lord Parker's 'Oliday. She also appears in both feature films - Thunderbirds Are Go and Thunderbird 6.

Trapped in the SkyEdit

Tin-Tin (TIS)

Tin-Tin is amongst the passengers trapped on board Fireflash, when the hypersonic airliner is unable to land due to a bomb planted in its landing gear - by her half-uncle, The Hood...

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City of FireEdit

Tin-Tin (City of Fire)

In one of the Tracy Island laboratory facilities, Tin-Tin and Brains are monitoring tests - being carried out by Scott and Virgil - of new cutting equipment that utilizes oxyhydnite gas...

Sun ProbeEdit

Tin-Tin (Sun Probe)
18 sunprobe

Tin-Tin blasts off into space, with Alan and Scott, aboard Thunderbird 3, to rescue the imperiled Sun Probe rocket. The mission succeeds...but, at what cost?

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The UninvitedEdit

Tin-Tin (The Uninvited)
1 tb2

Tin-Tin persuades Jeff to allow her to accompany Virgil and Brains aboard Thunderbird 2, as they set off for the Sahara Desert to rescue Scott - after he and Thunderbird 1 had been shot down by three unidentified fighter planes...

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The Mighty AtomEdit

Tin-Tin (Mighty Atom)
Tin-Tin&Penelope TMA

During Lady Penelope's visit to Tracy Island - her first since International Rescue commenced operations - she and Tin-Tin are seen chatting together and reading magazines, as they take their ease on the Tracy Villa's verandah...

Vault of DeathEdit

Tin-Tin (Vault of Death)
Desk tintin

Tin-Tin is seen briefly with Jeff Tracy on Tracy Island.

Operation Crash-diveEdit

Tin-Tin (Crash-dive)

Tin-Tin is seen in the Tracy Villa with John, who's home on leave from Thunderbird 5 - and again later on, during a group discussion led by Jeff in the Tracy Lounge...

Move and You're DeadEdit

Tin-Tin (Move and your Dead)

Tin-Tin accompanies Alan (and his new Brains-designed race car) to Parola Sands Raceway, aboard Thunderbird 2...

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Martian InvasionEdit

Tin-Tin (Martian Invasion)

Tin-Tin's in Thunderbird 1's hanger bay, carrying out maintenance checks in the rocket plane's pilot's cabin...when an unexpected visitor comes to call...

Brink of DisasterEdit

Tin-Tin (Brink of disaster)

Tin-Tin travels with Jeff and Brains on a monorail that nearly ends in disaster.

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The Perils of PenelopeEdit

Tin-Tin (Perils of Penelope)

With a timely assist from Parker, Tin-Tin (in full evening-dress) appears at a Parisian restaurant to surprise Alan, who's dining with Lady Penelope and Sir Jeremy Hodge. Et voila!

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Terror In New York CityEdit

Tin-Tin (Terror in New York)

The Secretary

Tin-Tin watched in horror as Virgil landed the stricken Thunderbird 2.

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The End of the RoadEdit

Tin-Tin (End of the road)

Tin-Tin's relationship with Alan is upended with the surprise visit of Eddie Houseman - her old flame - to Tracy Island...

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Day of DisasterEdit

Tin-Tin (Day of disaster)

Some kind of medicine? Well...

Tin-Tin is seen entering the lounge with a bottle of transmitter dissolver, after Jeff has swallowed the transmitter, that was in Granma's apple pie, that she had acentdently dropped it in.

Edge of ImpactEdit

Tin-Tin (Edge of Impact)
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Desperate IntruderEdit

Tin-Tin (Desperate Intruder)
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30 Minutes After NoonEdit

Tin-Tin listens to the news broadcast, detailing the fire at the Hudson building, and reports back to Scott in Thunderbird 1.

The ImpostersEdit

The Man from MI.5Edit

Cry WolfEdit

Danger At Ocean DeepEdit

Tin-Tin helps Brains, in the laboratory, with his experiment to find the cause of the interference, to their radio transmissions.

The Duchess AssignmentEdit

Attack of the Alligators!Edit

Having just returned home to Tracy Island from a shopping trip to the mainland, Tin-Tin's missed out on the boys' latest rescue. However, she's eager to show Alan the gift she got for his upcoming birthday - and it's in the bathroom! (The bathroom?) And it's just what he's always wanted, too: a baby alligator!

The Cham-ChamEdit

Security HazardEdit

Tin-Tin was not seen in the epis

Atlantic InfernoEdit

Path of DestructionEdit

Alias Mr HackenbackerEdit

Tin-Tin (Uninvited)