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This is a list of the missions and adventures that Tin-Tin Kyrano went on.

18 sunprobe

Trapped In The SkyEdit

The Fireflash is on its maiden flight from London to Tokyo. On board is Kyrano's daughter, Tin-Tin, en route to Tracy Island to join International Rescue.

The Hood has planted a bomb in its landing gear, so Fireflash is recalled to London Airport, were it is safely landed with the help of International Rescue using the Elevator Cars.

Sun ProbeEdit

Thunderbird 3, with Alan, Scott and Tin-Tin on board, is launched into space in a attempt to reach Sun Probe. Alan's first attempt to reach the probe with the safety beam fails and he and Scott realize that Thunderbird 3 must go much closer to the sun than originally planned. This beam succeeds in activating the Probe's retros and enables it to move away from the Sun, but Thunderbird 3's retros now fail. Brains realizes that he can jam Thunderbird 3's safety beam signal with the mobile Transmitter Truck, but this requires a complex calculation by the prototype robot Braman.

The UninvitedEdit

Tin-Tin flies out to the Sahara Desert with Virgil and Brains aboard Thunderbird 2, after Scott has been shot down by three unidentified fighter planes.

Move - And You're DeadEdit

In Thunderbird 2, Virgil and Tin-Tin ferry Alan to Parola Sands Raceway, where he is to take part in a race to test a new engine designed by Brains and fitted into a BR2 Racing Car.

Brink Of DisasterEdit

Warren Grafton takes Jeff, Brains and Tin-Tin aboard the totally automated Pacific-Atlantic monotrain, assuring them of complete safety.

The Perils Of PenelopeEdit

After Tin-Tin had watched another successful mission from Tracy Island, she went to Paris. Meeting up with Parker, who then took her by car to the Atalante Restaurant, to dine with Lady Penelope, Sir Jeremy Hodge and Alan. She arrived just in time to see the firework show.

End Of The RoadEdit

A visit From Eddie HousemanEdit

Eddie Houseman has done his part by blasting a pathway through the mountains of South-East Asia for the Gray & Houseman Road project, so he takes a short vacation to visit a old pal Tin-Tin on Tracy Island.

Edge Of ImpactEdit

The Hunt For A Water MambaEdit

As a diversionary tactic to enable the launch of Thunderbirds 1 and 2, without compromising the security of International Rescue, Tin-Tin takes Colonel Tim Casey scuba-diving under the pretext of searching for a rare water mamba.

Desperate IntruderEdit

Tin-Tin accompanies Brains on an expedition to find treasure in a temple on the bed of Lake Anasta (in the Middle East), but the Hood learns of their plans through his psychic link with Kyrano.

Dive On The Lost TempleEdit

Tin-Tin and Brains, use scuba gear to dive in and take a first look at the Lost temple. Brains removes a rock sample from the central column to take back for Professor Blakely to examine, but the Hood, observing from his 3E Submarine, believes that they have found the treasure already.

Hypnotized By The HoodEdit

The Hood disguised as a Bedouin tribesman, sneaks into the expedition caravan had hypnotizes Tin-Tin and the Professor. Scott, Virgil and Gordon, find Tin-Tin coming round the next morning but Blakely is sill out cold. That night Brains makes a second dive into the Lake, discovering treasure stored in one of the Temple's pillars. He trips over an alarm set by the Hood and following a series of wires along the lake bed, soon runs into The Hood, who hypnotizes him once again. Tin-Tin raises the alarm after talking to Brains on her talk-back machine.

Brains Is TrappedEdit

A worried Tin-Tin waits at base camp, as Gordon in Thunderbird 4 goes looking for Brains.

A Hospital VisitEdit

Brains and Tin-Tin visits Professor Blakely in hospital where they find him planning his next expedition. He wants them to join him, but both would rather go on a nice, soothing rescue mission!

The Cham ChamEdit

Tin-Tin flies out to Switzerland and meets up with Lady Penelope to investigate the Cass Carnaby Five.

First Night at Paradise PeaksEdit

After Tin-Tin and Lady Penelope book into their room, they watch The Cass Carnaby Five preform live. Afterward Tin-Tin gets to chat with Cass Carnaby back stage.

Reporting in to Tracy IslandEdit

Back in Lady Penelope's room Parker arrives with tea and tells them he overheard Olsen telling Banino something about expecting a message tomorrow morning. Tin-Tin gets her communication set from her suit case and tell Jeff Tracy of the news.

A Musical Discovery Edit

Lady Penelope and Tin-Tin ski to Olsen's chalet and secretly film him working at a complex computer board. They see a message decoding from musical sounds: "Next rocket transporter departing today local time 14.00 hours. Destruction imperative". The pair are spotted by Olsen. who calls his associate, Banino, at the hotel. Banino attempts to shoot Lady Penelope and Tin-Tin as they ski back to Paradise Peaks but he is foiled by Parker who has overheard his phone conversation with Olsen

Tin-Tin Calls The TuneEdit

Olsen gives Cass Carnaby a new arrangement of Dangerous Game for their next performance, but after he leaves Tin-Tin pleads with Cass to substitute an arrangement that Brains has devised. As Cass and his band takes to the stage they are accompanied by Wanda Lamour (Lady Penelope) for a vocal rendition of the tune. While Tin-Tin sits at the Bar, she spots Olsen, standing in the wings,the games up!

A Fast GetawayEdit

Virgil and Alan Tracy have set out for Paradise Peaks Hotel in Thunderbird 2, just in case Lady Penelope and Tin-Tin need help. This is fortuitous, as Olsen cuts the lines on their cable car as they leave the hotel. The car hurtles down the mountainside with Thunderbird 2 in hot pursuit. Parker climbs out on to the top of the car to attach guide lines from Thunderbird 2, using an umbrella to take hold of the lines. Thunderbird 2's Retros halt the car's descent. After Parker saves the day, Tin-Tin gets time to spend with Alan before flying back to Tracy Island.

Alias Mr. HackenbackerEdit

Mr Hackenbacker (Brains) takes Tin-Tin to London International Airport, to watch the arrival of the Skythrust.


Tin-Tin comes to the aid of Rick O'Shea when his pirate TV station comes crashing back to earth.

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