More often than not, a Title Sequence will feature at or around the beginning of a film or television program, serving to inform viewers of what exactly they were watching. For most programs, this sequence will feature a list of primary cast and/or production members, along with the program's theme song, establishing narrative, and visually appealing footage. Sometime the footage will remain identical throughout the series, or alter in parts for a specific storyline.

On some occasions, the program will play a small scene before the title sequence, referred to as a "cold open". This method serves the purpose of setting up one of the episode's primary plots, thus drawing in any potential viewers who might want to change the channel and watch another program as opposed to the titles.

The average title sequence can last anywhere between thirty seconds to a whole minute, though can be extended or reduced either way.


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Season OneEdit

The original Thunderbirds intro consisted of a 90 second roll call broken into two segments; one featuring brief shots from the story, and the other introducing key members of International Rescue along with their vehicles.

Season TwoEdit

Virtually identical to the previous season's title sequence, except for a change in the copyright date below the series logo.

Thunderbirds (Fox Kids Series)Edit


"Phones, have you gotten us lost again?"

When it came to introducing the series for a new generation of fans, many of the original themes were kept the same, but the elements themselves altered. The original countdown was retained, though performed by a different actor. As were the rapid zooms away from each craft, which remained the same but with the inclusion of supposed 'blueprints' over the numbers. The music, while a passing resemblance to the original theme, climbs a pitch higher as each number counts down. By the time '1' is reached, the blueprint effect takes hold entirely; first engulfing the screen, then revealing Thunderbird 1 (plus gantry mechanism), and finally cuts to footage of the craft leaving its silo, as "TOP SECRET" is dramatically stamped over the screen in red.

As the announcer declared "Thunderbirds Are Go!", a menagerie of blueprints a quickly faded across the screen, including craft from the series (and strangely enough an Eagle from Space 1999, an Angel Interceptor from Captain Scarlet & The Mysterons, plus Stingray). The original logo is identical in design, but is more a red/brown colour with yellow highlights. The camera zooms into the top left of the logo.

Each episode includes both standard stock footage, and changing material from the specific adveture:

  • Scott Tracy's eyes light up on the photo frame, cutting to Jeff, Gordon, Alan and Virgil.
  • (Scene of the episode's adventure)
  • Real-life footage of moving clouds with a brown saturation. The logo remains static in the middle of the screen until zooming into the top left again.
  • Thunderbird 2 prepares to depart from its hangar as the palm trees drop. The logo "Supermarionation" (in red/brown with yellow highlights) flies forward into the middle of the screen.
  • Slow zoom of a reel-to-reel in action. The "Supermarionation" logo reverses back into the reels.
  • (Either one or two scenes of the episode's adventure)
  • Thunderbird 2 in the hangar, about to select a Pod.
  • Wide shot of the Tracy Family villa, with the International Rescue logo moving forward into the middle of the screen.
  • (Scene of the episode's adventure)
  • (Scene of the episode's adventure)
  • Previous cloud footage without saturation. The logo moves forward over three frames until it stops, followed by "ARE", "GO", and "!" in grey/white text with black highlights on the screen's bottom-right.

So far, only one version of this sequence is known to exist, running at 34 seconds in length.

Turbocharged ThunderbirdsEdit


For Turbocharged Thunderbirds, a faintly similar approach was taken for introducing viewers to the series. The first segment was in the form of a first-person communication by S.A.L.; By activating the "Yo Alert", S.A.L. calls in Roxette and Tripp, and delivers a new mission update on the activity on Thunderworld below (footage from each episode's source material). The pair shout "Thunderbirds Are Go!" in unison as they are ordered to report to Hacker Command immediately.

At least four versions of the opening credits exist; two lasting 49 seconds with the series title dramatically announced at the end, plus two (at 45 seconds) omitting the last few seconds and subsequent voice-over. The only major difference between each sequence is the changing voices of S.A.L. at the beginning.

While the first segment is composed of entirely new computer-generated material (except for the changing stock footage), the second segment focused on generic rapid-cuts from the show. The footage consisted of:

  • Shuttle approaches a planet, zooms ahead of the horizon, and skims the surface (Saturn 3)
  • Fast zoom away from Thunderworld (Various)
  • Thunderbird 3 rushes across the screen (Sun Probe)
  • Fast zoom to establishing shot of Thunderbird 5 (Various)
  • The Hood's eyes light up (Martian Invasion)
  • Transparent explosion (???)
  • Quick cut from Thunderbird 5 (Original title sequence)
  • Quick cut from Thunderbird 4 (Original title sequence)
  • Quick cut from Thunderbird 3 (Original title sequence)
  • Thunderbird 1 rushes through palm trees (The Uninvited)
  • Explosion in the sky (The Uninvited)
  • Fireball engulfs the Thompson Tower (City of Fire)
  • Thunderbird 2 turns on an upward angle towards the viewer (Various)
  • Thunderbird 1 zooms across the screen (The Uninvited)
  • Screen goes black for a few frames. Editing error.
  • Monorail Bridge suspension explodes (Brink of Disaster)
  • Quick cut from Thunderbird 2 (Original title sequence)
  • Quick cut from Thunderbird 1 (Original title sequence)
  • Three angled shots of Thunderbird 1 leaving its silo, and soaring into the sky (Various)
  • Establishing shot of Tracy Island (Various)
  • Explosion in space (Ricochet)
  • Thunderbird 2 turns left slowly and towards the viewer (Ricochet)
  • Thunderbird 2 soars off into the distance as the camera pans left (Ricochet)
  • Red Arrow hits Weather Tower and explodes (Edge of Impact)
  • Huge explosion engulfs an Atlantic valley (Atlantic Inferno)
  • Monorail breaks on the Bridge's edge, which explodes (Brink of Disaster)
  • Allington Suspension Bridge supports break (Day of Disaster)
  • Two small explosions in ocean followed by a larger, spectacular explosion (30 Minutes After Noon)

Thunderbirds (2004 Film)Edit

Thunderbirds Are Go! (TV Series)Edit

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