Thunderbirds To The Rescue

Gerry & Sylvia Anderson
Martin Crump


ITC Entertainment,
Channel 5


1980, 1986


95 Mins

To The Rescue (aka Thunderbirds To The Rescue) was a compilation film originally released by ITC Entertainment in 1980. It was the first in a series of three films comprised of two episodes each, spliced together into a single feature.


NOTE: The film is a compilation of the season 1 episodes Trapped in the Sky and Operation Crash-Dive. For an in-depth synopsis, please read their respective articles.



Channel 5 VHS video tape


Back cover


The video was later reissued as volume 3


"Volume 3"
VHS tape from 1996

Opening Credits:Edit

Closing Credits:Edit

  • Original Format By: Gerry Anderson, Sylvia Anderson
  • Creative Production Coordinator: Robert Mandell
  • Creative Consultant: David Hirsch
  • Post Production: Image Factory, Inc.

FILMED IN SUPERMARIONATION Made At Century 21 Studios, Slough, England.

Copyright 1980, ITC ENTERTAINMENT, INC. All Rights Reserved

Deleted ScenesEdit

Trapped in the SkyEdit

  • The entire sequence involving the target practice with the TX-204
  • Jeff telling Scott aboard Thunderbird 1 about the upcoming rescue attempt by Bob Meddings

Operation Crash-DiveEdit

  • All the scenes with the Irish farm in it
  • The second television newsflash, and Scott showing up at the Tracy Villa with his basket of farm produce
  • Lieutenant Burroughs asking where the letter was posted, and Alan discussing the upcoming operation with Jeff
  • The Fireflash taxiing out to the runway, and the security arrangements at London Airport
  • Hanson's attempt to contact London Airport




  • Transition Between Episodes: Trapped in the Sky concluded on Jeff's "I think we're in business!" line, suddenly jumping back to the Airport, where "London Airport Six Months Later" is displayed on screen.
  • Additional music by Barry Gray is added to nearly every scene. The majority of that music is taken from "Operation Crash-Dive", while others are taken from the UFO episodes "Identified" and "Reflections in the Water" (which in turn used music cues from Stingray and Joe 90).


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