Tony Williams is a character from Cry Wolf.

He and Bob are huge fans of International Rescue, as evinced by them wearing their own International Rescue sashes, riding a Thunderbird 2 go kart, and creating their own slide emulating the one used by Virgil when he makes his way to Thunderbird 2.



Playtime RescueEdit

At the beginning of the episode, Bob Williams lowers himself on a cliff ledge and calls up International Rescue on his walkie-talkie, telling them "he has broken his leg", his brother Tony arrives in his Go-Kart painted green and dubbed on the side "Thunderbird 2".

Unbeknown to the brothers their dangerous play acting has alerted John Tracy in Thunderbird 5.

Scott Tracy arrives in Thunderbird 1, and in order to teach him a lesson he and his brother Bob Williams are invited to Tracy Island.

A Trip to Tracy IslandEdit

Flown to Tracy Island aboard Thunderbird 1, Tony and his brother are given a tour of Thunderbird 2 hangar and Thunderbird 3 silo, before sitting down to tea with Jeff.

Trapped in a MineEdit

It's Tony's turn to get rescued, so after telling Dad he is going up to the old mine, he sets off on foot, telling Bob to give him a 30 minute head start.

On arrival at the mine, the Hood, disguised as a surveyor, gets Tony to tell him where his father is and advises Tony to hide in the mine.

Later he and his brother get trapped in an abandoned tin mine after The Hood deliberately blows up the entrance. International Rescue think it's another prank and at first don't come to help.


Virgil and Gordon use Manual Descending Equipment to get down the mine shaft to rescue the boys, who are alive and well.


  • It appears that Tony and his brother have been cutting out pictures from their issues of TV21 to decorate the walls of their playroom.

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