This page is a transcription of Touch And Go

[Snowy plain. Thunderbird Shadow approaches a motorbike. The thief goes through a tunnel and Kayo deploys her bike from Shadow to follow.]

Kayo: "John, it's Kayo. The Echelon decoding device has been recovered."

John Tracy: "Wait, what? You engaged with the subject? Kayo, you were just supposed to shadow him."

Kayo: "We did a little... shadow-boxing."

[Opening titles.]

[Tracy Lounge.]

Kayo: "Scott, do not tell me how to do my job."

Scott Tracy: "It's not that we don't appreciate your excellent work Kayo, it's just that this is not what we do."

Kayo: "Why not?"

Scott: "Because we're not the police! We leave the law enforcement up to the GDF. Our priority is people. Our job is to help rescue and clean up during international disasters, not chasing after bad guys."

Kayo: "Scott, we can't always wait for catastrophe to strike. If I hadn't taken action and retrieved that decoding device, he could have accessed the computer system of every government in the world!"

Scott: "Yeah, but he didn't."

Kayo: "That's right. By stopping the thief I stopped an international disaster before it happened."

John: "We have a situation developing."

Scott: "This discussion in't over."

Kayo: "I'm sure."

Scott: "What's the situation, John?"

John: "The Central Air Traffic Control Hub, CATCH, has gone offline."

Scott: "what do you mean, gone offline?"

John: "I mean it's disappeared. Gone. No longer working. That means there's over 2000 planes stuck in the air with no way of landing safely."

Kayo: "I'd say that's a problem."

Scott: "John, monitor all communications. See if you can find the source of the problem."

John: "I've tried to access the CATCH computer but it's locked. If we can't bring it back online - "

Scott: "Then it's only a matter of time before there's an accident. Alright. Kayo, I need you to go to CATCH and scout the compound. See if you can find out what's going on."

Brains: "Here!"

Kayo: "What's this?"

Brains: "A remote access chip. Place it in the computer, and hopefully I'll be able to reboot CATCH from here."

Scott: "Kayo!"

Kayo: "Scott?"

Scott: "Under no circumstance are you to engage in any hostile activity. This is a reconnaissance mission only. If you find trouble, contact John and get out of there. He'll alert the GDF, understand?"

Kayo: "FAB."

Scott: "Virgil, let's suit up and help as many aircraft as we can. Thunderbirds are go."

[Thunderbirds 1, 2 and S launch.]

Scott: "Thunderbirds are go!"

[Stormy skies.]

Captain Jane Carter: "CATCH, do you read? Come in CATCH. What is going on down there? Visibility is zero. I'm climbing another thousand feet to get out of this mess."

[Jane pulls the plane up and out of the storm. The plane collides with another and Jane's plane loses a wing.]

Jane Carter: "Mayday! Mayday, this is Terranean Cargo 882. Autopilot offline and losing altitude. Can not compensate. Mayday! Mayday, this is Terranean Cargo 882 going down."

John: "Thunderbird 5 to Thunderbird 2, I'm picking up a distress signal nearest your location. I'm sending the coordinates now."

Scott: "Coordinates received. Virgil, I'll double-time it to your location. Afterburners on."

Virgil Tracy: "Alright."

John: "EOS?"

EOS: "Yes John?"

John: "Until we get CATCH back online it looks like you and I are going to be playing air traffic control."

EOS: "Understood."

John: "Calculate every aircraft's course and minimum safe distances and let me know the second any of them get too close."

EOS: "Affirmative."

John: "Think we can do it?"

EOS: "We don't have a choice, do we?"

Jane Carter: "Come on now. I'm not asking for much, just a little altitude! Ah!"

[A lighting strike hits the plane and Jane is knocked unconscious.]

Virgil: "She's losing too much altitude. Gotta help her level off. Hold still for Virgil. Now! Yeah! Dead-eye Virgil strikes again."

Scott: "Oh, so now you're suddenly a good shot?"

Virgil: "Hey, I have to take every small victory I can get! This won't hold for long. It's up to you know, big brother."

Scott: "Matching speed. Virgil, you have control of Thunderbird 1. Just keep her flying straight."

Virgil: "Will do."

Scott: "Oh, and I'd like her waxed and detailed when I get back too. I'm ready to go, Virgil. Oh! Thank you for magnetic boots, Brains. Thunderbird 5, this is Thunderbird 1. I'm at the emergency door. Can you remotely access the plane's onboard computer and unlock it?"

EOS: "Hacking into the onboard computer of a plane in flight is a violation of - "

John: "Consider it done."

Scott: "Virgil, the pilot's out cold but stable. I'll have to land this thing."

Virgil: "Right behind you. Be careful, Scott."

Scott: "FAB."

[CATCH facility.]

Kayo: "Looks like somebody's home."

[Cargo Plane.]

Scott: "This is a mess. I see a strip of land where I can put her down."

Virgil: "You sure, Scott? It's not very big."

Scott: "No other options. Follow my flight pattern."

[The other wing of the plane rips off, striking Thunderbird 2.]

Scott: "I'm going down! Get ready for a bumpy landing."

Virgil: "Scott! Hold on!"

[Virgil attaches the lines back onto the tail, but after trying to slow it down the rear of the planes detaches, too. The planes comes to rest on the edge of a cliff.]

Scott: "Phew. That was close."

Virgil: "You're not of the woods yet, Scott."

[Scott, using a forklift, pushes most of the cargo to the back of the plane, steadying it.]

Scott: "Ah."


The Hood: "Excellent."

Goon: "And the planes?"

The Hood: "Oh I'm sure they'll sort it out. Most of them."

Kayo: "Thunderbird 5, come in."

John: "This is Thunderbird 5. What do you see, Kayo?"

Kayo: "It's the Hood. He's shut down catch and has no plan to reboot it. I have to stop him."

John: "Negative, Kayo. Too dangerous. I'll alert the GDF. Return to your ship and wait for backup, that's an order."

Kayo: "What's that, John? You're breaking up."

Goon: "We have all CATCH personnel locked in the sub-basement, just like you ordered. They put up no resistance."

The Hood: "Everything is right on schedule. Soon we'll have what we need and no one will be the wiser. Keep CATCH shut down for another hour and that should be a good enough diversion."

Goon: "Yes sir."

Kayo: "This is all a diversion? But for what?"

Virgil: "Scott!"

Scott: "Stay back. This plane is a tightrope walker on roller skates. I need to try and get the pilot out and any sudden movements will cause this thing to take a header into the gorge!"

Virgil: "FAB. I'll try and secure it with a towline!"

Jane Carter: "Must gain altitude."

Scott: "Easy. You've had a hard landing, and you're still in danger. I need you to sit still."

Jane Carter: "There was a plane, and... Who are you?"

Scott: "International Rescue. And it's okay, everything's going to be fine. Woah! Or not."

Goon: "Ahh!"

Kayo: "Rise and shine, sleepyhead. Time to talk. What brings you to the neighbourhood?"

Goon: "You think I'd ever - Okay, okay! We were told to sabotage CATCH as a diversion. The Hood knew that the authorities would be focused on the skies."

Kayo: "Instead of?"

Goon: "Instead of his plan to steal of billion therms of Alsterene. But it's too late. There's nothing you can do about it."

Kayo: "Don't bet on it. John, this is Kayo. Do you read?"

John: "Yeah. Suddenly I read you loud and clear, which is weird because there's really no reason - "

Kayo: "Pass me to Brains please."

John: "Connecting. You're on with Brains."

Brains: "Have you found the source of the problem? It's still chaos in the skies."

Kayo: "The Hood's shut down CATCH to divert attention from a massive theft of Alsterene. I've taken out the hostiles and plugged in the device you gave me. It's up to you know, Brains. Good luck."

Brains: "What about you?"

Kayo: "I've got another job to do."

Brains: "No Kayo. Stay where you are and wait for backup. Kayo. Kayo! Please respond."

John: "I know how you feel."

Virgil: "No no no! Not yet. Come on. Hold! Just. Scott, you okay?"

Scott: "I guess okay is a relative term."

Jane Carter: "I've had better days."

Virgil: "Maybe I can hoist you back up using Thunderbird 2?"

Scott: "Negative virgil. The plane's too big and it's crumbling like one of Grandma's cakes. We need to get out of here fast."

Jane Carter: "Any ideas?"

Scott: "I'm open to suggestions."

[The Hood's Lair.]

Henchman: "Hold it right there. This was made for knocking aircraft outta the sky, but It'll do just fine on you! No funny stuff."

Kayo: "Don't worry, you won't be laughing. I was wrong. That was pretty funny."

John: "Brains, I have a few thousand aircraft that can't find their way home. Can you hurry this up a bit?"

Brains: "You're nagging will not approve my efficiency. Yes! I rock! John, the mainframe should now be routing planes to land. Confirm?"

John: "Affirmative, Brains. That was close."

Virgil: "Scott? It's going!"

Scott: "Hold on."

[Scott launches a grappling hook out of the plane and it grabs onto the rock face. The plane falls towards the bottom of the gorge and it explodes. Scott and Jane sway in the explosion.]

Scott: "I'm Scott by the way."

Jane Carter: "Nice to meet you Scott. Captain Jane Carter."

John: "Good news. CATCH is back online."

Scot: "Great John. Glad to hear that Kayo's on the scene and in control."

John: "Uh, yeah. Not exactly."

The Hood: "Nice of you to join us, Kayo."

Kayo: "You really need to invest in a better class of baddies, Uncle."

The Hood: "As I've mentioned before, excellent workers are hard to come by. The Tracys are truly fortunate to have you to skulk in the shadows for them, while they take to the sky. Why do you let them treat you like a minion, Kayo? You have the skills and spirit to lead, like me!"

Kayo: "You call this leading? You risked thousands of lives just to cover a fuel theft."

The Hood: "Not just a fuel theft. The greatest fuel theft of all time. Alsterne is the cleanest, most combustible energy source that exists on our planet. This haul will allow me to run my operation for years to come."

Kayo: "Not while I'm around."

The Hood: "Why do you help those that would hoard the resources of the world? There are many that need this fuel far more than the rich companies that own it."

Kayo: "Oh, I'm sure that your motives are nothing but noble. You'd never sell the stolen fuel to the highest bidder. You're nothing but a common thief."

The Hood: "Am I? You may find, Kayo, that things are not always as they appear."

Kayo: "Enough talking."

The Hood: "Yes. Enough talking!"

[Kayo finds herself surrounded by henchmen.]

The Hood: "There are only two kinds of people in this world. Those who act, and those who react, such as the Tracys. You are not one of them, Kayo. You know that. You and I are the same. We are bold. We see an opportunity, and we take it."

Kayo: "You're right."

[Kayo blows up one of the cables holding the alsterene in place.]

The Hood: "What?"

[The one opposite blows up.]

The Hood: "Secure those tanks!"

[Kayo makes a dash towards the tank, where Thunderbird S is parked.]

John: "Kayo, satellite is picking up an explosion in your vicinity. Help is on the way, sit tight."

Kayo: "Too late, John. We might not get the Hood, but at least he won't get away with the stolen fuel."

[The rest of the cables blow up, and the tank falls.]

Brains: "Kayo, Thunderbird Shadow wasn't designed to take that sort of strain!"

Kayo: "I'm not flying it home, Brains. I just need a nice soft landing. Come on, come on, just a little bit longer."

[One of the Henchman grabs the aircraft disruptor and aims for Kayo. He fires.]

The Hood: "You fool!"

Kayo: "I've been hit with the disruptor! The tanks have separated."

Scott: "Hang in there, Kayo. I'm on my way."

Kayo: "My engines are out."

Scott: "Kayo! Eject!"

Kayo: "Uh! Ejection controls are't responding!"

Scott: "Kayo!"

The Hood: "I'm taking back what's mine!"

[Just meters from the ground, a grappling line attaches to TBS. The alsterene tank hits the ground and explodes. TBS is lowered to the ground, and Kayo looks up to see her saviour - The Lair. The Hood looks at Kayo before taking his Lair away.]

[Behind the lair is Thunderbird 1. Scott looks confused as to why the Hood would save Kayo over the Alsterne.]

Kayo: "What are you doing? Why aren't you going after him?"

Scott: "People are the Thunderbirds priority, Kayo. The Hood could have just as easily saved those tanks, but he saved you. Why?"

Kayo: "Don't ask me. I'm just as surprised as you are."

Scott: "I'm not happy about the way you handled this. That's not the way International Rescue does things!"

Kayo: "Then maybe it's time we change the way things are done."

Scott: "Well I'm just glad you're okay. Looks like Brains has his work cut out for him. Think you might have fried the motor."

Kayo: "It's for the best. Wouldn't want Brains to have nothing to do."

Brains: "I heard that!"