Several toy guns were released for sale over the years (with a "Thunderbird" logo), but very few were actually seen in the show. The vast majority were manufactured in Japan and it's unlikely they were official products.

Cap Firing PistolsEdit

Manufactured by J.Rosenthal (JR21 Toys) in Hong Kong, and released for sale in the UK 1965.

Released in Spain under the "Guardians Of Space" label 1965.

Water PistolsEdit

Manufactured by J. Rosenthal (JR21 Toys) in Hong Kong and released for sale in the UK 1966.

Hansall International (UK) issued two water pistols in 1999, with the "Super Shooter" being the rarest of the two.

Rocket Firing Space GunsEdit

Made by Lone Star in the UK 1965, also released in Spain by Plien Ltd 1965.

Lady Penelope's GunsEdit

Two different guns were released in 1965 by Crescent Toys (UK).

Siren GunEdit

Released by Tomy, Japan 1967.

Silver Bullet GunEdit

Thunderbird 2 shaped guns that fires silver ball bullets. Released by Muruka, Japan 1967.


Japanese ReleasesEdit

Released in Japan 1967, all have the "Thunderbird" logo, and can be found repackaged under other titles.

UK IssueEdit

The rarest gun of them all, never seen for sale, a magazine advert from 1965 shows a rifle by Crescent Toys made in the UK 1965.

Japanese PistolEdit

Silver pistol with Thunderbirds targets, released by Matsushiro, Japan 1967.

Magazine FreebiesEdit

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