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Tracy Island
Image Tracy island 2015
Type: Headquarters
Affiliation: International Rescue
Main Operator: Tracy family

Tracy Island is situated in a remote sector of the central Pacific Ocean, midway between Australia and South America. Tracy Island appears to the outside world as an almost barren rock. International Rescue has created a permanent base of operations on a remote island. To most observers Tracy Island looks nothing more interesting than an island in the middle of the ocean. Hidden on the island are some of the most advanced technologies and vehicles in existence.


Built on an extinct volcano, the island possesses enormous lava tubes and underground cave systems that provide a natural infrastructure for International Rescue. Cutting-edge technology is in use throughout the island including a team of autonomous maintenance robots. A holographic and physical cloaking device means the island can create its own cloud cover making it undiscoverable to any observers. Thermal regulation hides the launch of the vehicles and guards against scans showing signs of life. Underneath the main house are vast caverns where the Tracy family can stockpile raw materials, they can even mine and refine metal ore from their island to use in whatever experiment Brains is up to. Almost everything International Rescue could want is created on the island, usually using a massive fabrication device. There are even 'buildbots' which maintain the island without the need for other employees.

Five of the Thunderbird craft are docked on the island (1, 2, 3, 4 and S), and each of the Tracy Brothers can reach their vehicles using an individual launch sequence route which starts in the living room. These transport tubes cross the island and mean the family can move from one place to another within seconds. After it was destroyed by TB5, TB1 and TB2, the wreckage of The Hood's second Hubship currently lies on the sea bed between Tracy island and Mateo island.

Mateo IslandEdit

Mateo Island is an island next door to Tracy Island, it has been converted by the Tracy family for International Rescue's use in the event of emergencies and to provide additional service facilities. It includes a back-up generator and there is a underground tunnel link to the main island, this allows access and transportation of supplies without drawing attention to the organization's activities.

Base ConstructionEdit

Following Jeff Tracy's purchase of the island work quickly commenced to create an idyllic self-contained luxury retreat, indicating to the casual visitor that Tracy Island was nothing more than a lavish billionaire's paradise where the Tracy family could live a life of luxury oblivious to everyday reality.

Thunderbirds HangarsEdit

Thunderbird 1 HangarEdit

Thunderbird 1 is hidden in a re-fueling hangar located directly below the main house. Thunderbird 1 is then transported up the ramp into the launch bay; the launch bay is under the swimming pool. The pool slides back and opens up to allow the craft to launch.

Thunderbird 2 HangarEdit

Thunderbird 2 is the only Thunderbird with a completely separate hangar, far from the other Thunderbirds. It is hidden behind a large door that is disguised as a cliff-face, which is located at the end of Tracy Island's runway. The runway is built to look too thin for a plane like Thunderbird 2 to travel across, so the palm trees that line either side will fall down to accommodate the ship so it can reach its concealed hydraulic launch platform.

Thunderbird 3 HangarEdit

Thunderbird 3 is hidden within its re-fueling hangar, located under the main house and neaby Thunderbird 1. After a giant revolving metal door covers Thunderbird 3 to contain its launch, Thunderbird 3 flies straight through the middle of the Round House and into space.

Thunderbird 4 Tank Edit

Thunderbird 4 is stored in a flooded tank behind Thunderbird 1. It is loaded into Module 4 whenever it is needed in a rescue, although this action is so far unseen. Should Thunderbird 2 require a different Module, or be completely unavailable,Thunderbird 4 has an emergency launch tube to exit the island alone.


Inside the tank

Thunderbird S Hangar Edit

Thunderbird S's launch area is seen on a rock outcrop overlooking the hangar for Thunderbird 2. It is carried backwards and up a wall on a yellow turntable, which flips round to take Thunderbird S outdoors. The stealth jet takes off from there.

Space ElevatorEdit

The Space Elevator is a space capsule used by John Tracy to travel from Thunderbird 5 to Tracy Island. On Thunderbird 5, the elevator is docked on the bottom of the space station, the journey takes 8 minutes from the space station to the island. When it lands on Tracy Island the Elevator docks in the re-fueling bay beside Thunderbird 1.

The Holo- table Edit

The holo- table is where communication and other things are presented. Everything come up as a hologram, the Tracy brothers & Kayo have large wall hanging portraits for there holographic display, Lady Penelope has a small photo frame, and EOS's is on John's Sash on his portrait.

Events Edit

In Relic, Captain Lee Taylor is taken to the island after being rescued from the moon. Scott offers him to join International Rescue, as he already knows of the organisation and even helped develop it, but Taylor politely declines, for now.

In Legacy, the The Hood discovered the location of the island and infiltrated it by faking distress calls to make the Tracy brothers leave in their respective Thunderbirds, including Kayo in Thunderbird Shadow. He was subsequently captured and arrested by the G.D.F. which unfortunately means that they now know the location of the island too.

Gallery Edit

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